Friday, February 13, 2009

Tax Day for Miss Lyric

Lyric walked up to her pretend keyboard set up on her easel today. She said, "Oh, let me look at my taxes!" She then started typing away. I was sitting nearby at my desk, "Are you getting any money back?"
Lyric, "Well, I'm getting six dollars back, but I really need seven!"
All I have to say is be glad you didn't owe anything Miss Lyric!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weekend at Grammy's

The girls and I spent the weekend at Grammy's. Lyric requested hamburgers on Friday night. Grammy being the awesome grandma she is, let the girls help make them! I let the girls help a lot in the kitchen; usually more than I actually want them to, but hamburgers would have been one of those times when I said, "No, this is something you can help with." Not Grammy! Aren't the three of them cute in their aprons!Lyric was proud of her burger.Story showing off her burger still in the wax paper.Miss Lyric set the table and even did the napkins "fancy" wrapping them around the forks.After the big girls were done with their aprons Baby Cadence had to give it a try. She didn't do much cooking, but she sure looked cute!Taking a break from all of the playing to have a fudgesicle on Saturday. YUM!
Cadence decided she didn't like hers, but it didn't go to waste.
On Sunday, Finley and Faith Meadow came over to play. The girls had a tea party with tea, grapes and animal crackers.
The biggest event of the whole weekend (and I didn't even get a picture of it): Miss Lyric learned to swing by herself! We were outside and I was pushing her and Cadence on the swings. I didn't realize that I had stopped pushing her and she was doing it all alone. After a while of swinging by herself she nonchalantly said, "I'm swinging by myself." I was shocked and then I realized that I had only been pushing Cadence the last few minutes. I didn't know if she was ever going to be able to do it and now she can Yeah, Miss Lyric!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Today I dropped my cell phone and said, "Sheestee!" (It is a word I made up and don't recall ever using it before.)
SB was near me when I said it.  She asked, "Why did you say sheestee?"
I said, "I don't know.  I dropped my cell phone, so I just said that word."
She said, "I know why you said it; because shit is not a nice word."
Yes, SB you are right shit is not a nice word!