Monday, December 22, 2008

Homemade Christmas

So, I had this bright idea that I would make some of the girls' Christmas presents this year. Save some money, get the chance to do some crafting--win, win situation right? Well, what I didn't think about was actually having the time to do the crafting! It is hard to find time to sew with three little ones, but also very hard to sew when the three little ones can't see what you are sewing! My mom took Miss L and SB for the weekend so I would have time to get all of my craft projects done. Awesome, but Baby C got sick, so I had to spend half of Saturday at the doctor and then deal with a fussy/needy baby the rest of the weekend. I was able to finish most of the projects I had planned on.
The biggest, most important project I was doing was an Angelina Ballerina robe for Miss L. We saw the material at Hobby Lobby and she loved it, so I decided to make her a robe. It has been a really, really long time since I have sewn with a pattern. I was somewhat nervous, but I had faith in my abilities. It couldn't be that hard. I got the patten cut out and sewed the first pocket on and everything went smooth. I was feeling pretty confident I could do this no problem. Well, that is when the problems started... I went to sew on the second pocket and accidentally sewed the top of the front panel to the back with the pocket. What? It was all going so smooth! This is what I had: one full panel and one half panel. The seam ripper became my good friend and we took care of the little problem. It was smooth sailing from then on! Well that is until it came time to sew on the piece that goes around your neck and to the bottom of the robe. I have no idea what it would be called? Anyway, I have no idea what I did, but it was about two inches short on each side! It didn't go all the way to the bottom of the robe. I had to improvise and angle the bottom of the robe to hide it, but I think it turned out pretty cute!I learned a couple of things from this project: 1. Little girl robes are not that expensive. I could have bought one at Target for cheaper than the fabric cost me. (It would not have been Angelina Ballerina though and my baby wanted Angelina!) 2. If I am ever going to do something like this again I am going to buy solid fabric (much cheaper) and just use the expensive fabric for an accent on the pocket or something.(thanks for the idea, Delores) 3. I really enjoyed making this and don't know why I never sew clothes for my kiddos. It was fun! The next project on my list was cloth diapers for the girls' dolls. I had a few reasons for making these: 1. I thought the girls would like them. 2. I thought they were really cute when I saw the idea. 3. (Really the main reason) The girls like to take Cadence's diapers for their dolls and diapers are expensive!I have searched and searched for the blog I got this idea and patten from and I can't find it. Found it! I made them three small diapers and three large ones. Too cute if I do say so myself:-)The next thing on my list was felt food for the girls' kitchen. I have not mentioned this, but this is my newest addiction!!! I love me some felt food! I had never heard of felt food until the beginning of December when I started looking for ideas for Christmas. It is so cute and easy to make! I made these donuts before Christmas. I got the idea here.The eggs were also from a tutorial I found online.In my search for felt food tutorials, yes people I have spent lots of time on the internet researching felt food (I told you I was addicted)! I discovered that you can buy patters on Etsy. I could spend a lot of money on these patterns. It is all SO cute! Bugga Bugs, on Etsy, will send you a free pattern for these strawberries if you get on her mailing list. I bought the fruit patterns here. A banana. It comes out of the peeling... so cute! Orange slicesI haven't finished the apple slices. There is also a watermelon slice. I haven't made it because my girls aren't big fans of watermelon, but I may try it because it is so cute! The HEB bag is my favorite thing, as far as the felt food goes. I had seen ideas on the internet for grocery bags and decided to make one, but it was Hubby's idea to add the HEB and I love it!

I also made Baby C a sock monkey from the tutorial here. I think it is cute, but Hubby thinks it is the ugliest thing ever! I made it a few weeks before Christmas and she seemed to like it after it was finished, but then I put it away to save for Christmas. Now that she has it back she hasn't showed much interest.

In the picture it looks like his left ear and arm are much higher than his right. Don't be confused by the picture. It is not because he is leaning. They are, in fact quite a bit higher and that was not on purpose. He's still cute, right?

I also recorded two Clifford Books and Hubby put them on a CD for the girls. I thought they would think it was really cool to hear mommy's voice doing a book on CD. They weren't that impressed.

Hubby recorded the first few chapters of Little House on the Prairie. We haven't listened to it yet, but I am sure they will enjoy it.

That does it for the homemade Christmas gifts. I am sure you will be seeing more felt food posts in my future. I bought this ice cream pattern to make for Christmas and I didn't get to it, but it is all cut out and ready to be sewn.

Holiday Baking

Cadence helped me do some holiday baking this weekend. With her big sisters around it is easy to forget what a good helper she can be. With the big girls gone I was able to realize how good she was at using the rolling pin to crush some cookies, she was a great beater licker, and the best bowl and spatula cleaner ever!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Present for Daddy

I had this idea for the girls to each paint a canvas for Daddy for Christmas. The little girls painted their canvases with their fingers using a couple of colors and the next day when it was dry we did their hand prints. Lyric painted hers with her fingers and was going to go back and use a brush the next day when it was dry. Instead she attempted to paint the whole family in her hand print.

It was hard for me to keep my mouth shut on this project! I knew the little ones really couldn't paint a "picture", so I wanted to do their hand prints. I pictured Lyric's canvas actually painted on with a "real" picture. She had other ideas. It was so hard for me to accept that it wasn't going to look how I wanted it to look and just let her be painting it her way. I made her really angry trying to change her vision, but soon apologized and told her it was her painting for Daddy and if I wanted to do one I should get my own canvas.

Sometimes it is so hard to not get involved and change what your kiddos are doing, but it is something I am working on because I do think it is important to let them do things the way they see it. Most of the time it is the process not the end product that matters. One thing that I have learned is to just not look and it is a lot easier to keep your mouth shut! When they are doing a craft project sometimes I will do one to, so I am close enough it the need help, but also not so involved that I "help" too much. It is a fine line I guess, but I am learning;-)

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

No not outside! A few days ago one of our wonderful play group Mamas turned her guestroom into a winter wonderland! The kids had a blast. She used cute up tissue paper for the "snow" and had a winter scene stapled to the walls for the perfect setting.
Cadence was a little apprehensive at first... but soon warmed up!The big girls had a blast! It was funny to watch Cadence playing and think about it being "snow", but she has no idea what snow is. I'm sure she was thinking, "Paper, look at all this paper! We can throw it and roll around in it and no one cares!"
Story had fun chasing Cadence and throwing snow on her. We got a couple of pictures of the group. They are kind of blurry, but I wanted to show how many kiddos were there.SNOW! YEA!Lyric had a really good time being buried!We attempted to take a picture of the girls at the end, but you know how that goes ;-)A fun day in the snow without being cold, wet and miserable afterwards.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Shooter Guy

So, the girls and I are playing Chutes and Ladders. Story looks down at the game board and says, "Momma, where is the shooter guy?"
I was completely perplexed, "The shooter guy? I didn't know there was a shooter guy!"
Story, "But, it is called "Shoots and Ladders.'
Where do they learn this stuff?

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Girls Go Shopping

We took the girls to Georgetown to do their shopping today. It was so cool. There is a store called Handcrafts Unlimited. They had kid shopping and no adults were allowed in the store today. The store is for local artists and artisans 50 years and older to sell their handmade items. We gave the girls $10 for them to buy for Mommy, Daddy and Cadence. They were so proud when they come out with their wrapped gifts! The girl helping them told us the change was in the bag. Well, Devon and I thought there would be "change", you know pennies, nickles, dimes... My girls are apparently bargain shoppers because they had six dollars and some change left;-) Next year when we take them we are going to send them with a list, so they can buy for everyone. It was a really fun experience for the girls! Santa was there,too, but he was busy when we were leaving so we didn't get to take a picture with him.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Story's New Skates

Mimi J bought Story new skates for her birthday. Daddy helped her try them out in the house. She is going to need LOTS of practice!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

Miss Story Bell turned the big 3 today! We started the day off with making her favorite breakfast-pancakes, of course! She let Cadence help. I surprised her with M&Ms in the pancakes. Even though it wasn't our birthday Lyric and I had M&Ms in our pancakes, too. Can you say YUM!
After breakfast it was time for presents. She ripped right into the card and quickly set it aside.
Lyric wrapped her present for Story. She only used half a roll of tape;-)
Showing off the big number three.
More presents!
Daddy and I got her a nurse's dress up outfit. It is precious! Lyric quickly laid down to be the patient. She said, "Doctor, I'm sick!"
Story sat next to her and said, "Well, actually I'm the nurse." She quickly made her better.
After presents we all got dressed and headed out got the day. Our first stop was to take our Blue Santa donations. Each of the girls picked out a toy to donate to Blue Santa.
We then headed over to Chuck E Cheese for some lunch and fun!
The carousel was a big hit!
I loved this game as a kid and suggested Story play it. She didn't care for it at all.
Story did some driving.
Lyric did some climbing.
Cadence was too little to climb, but she sure enjoyed watching sisters!Story gave Chuck E a big kiss.
Lyric and Story liked riding the horse.
We ended out trip with some dancing in front of the blue screen and watching ourselves on TV. After Chuck E Cheese we headed to Lakeway to drop Cadence off with Mimi J. We then took the big girls to the IMAX for a movie. This was Story's first movie experience. It was only 34 minutes long--thank goodness! She barely made it through it. If it had been much longer I don't think she would have made it through.
I think she had a fun day. I can't believe she is three!