Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Toy

Cadence discovered a new toy tonight. We keep their small plastic animals in a plastic container and tonight while it was empty Cadence found a new use for it. She started out sitting in it with Daddy swinging her back and forth.
She and Daddy then decided it would be more fun to walk around with her in the box.
Story had to have a turn.
Story told Lyric it was fun and she should try it. She got in the box for a second, but quickly realized she was too big! I guess this is an adventure just for the little girls!

New Food

We have been trying to eat a little more healthy around here lately and my hubby is turning into quite the cook!
Last night, he made Tomato- Fennel Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons. We had never had fennel before, so we were a little apprehensive. In the end, we were glad we tried it! We will definitely be making this again.
Today for lunch he made us White Bean and Spinach Pizza. It was REALLY good! We didn't really know what to expect with beans on a pizza, but we were pleasantly surprised!
We have tried a few recipes from the Eat Better America site and had good results!

Love Hate Relationship With Dora

Cadence was watching Dora today when she realized Daddy and Story were leaving. They were going on a little date to Target, so she couldn't go. She laid in the floor crying and mad!
Dora said, "Who do we ask for help when we don't know which way to go?"
She yelled, "MAP!" then under her breath she said, "Stupid Map."
She kept laying in the floor watching Dora when a few minutes later Dora said, "Say Backpack."
She yelled, "Backpack!" then under her breath, "I hate Backpack."
She was so mad at Daddy and Story she took it out on Dora, but she loves the show too much to just stop watching:-)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

And She's Out

Our Little Story Bell has always had the ability to fall asleep anywhere doing anything! She could be eating and fall asleep with a mouthful of food or when she was little she could fall asleep mid-crawl. Last night she got upset with Lyric and climbed on top of their toy box. I went in a few minutes later and she was OUT!
Their toy box is really tall, but luckily I found her before she rolled off or woke up scared to death because she didn't know where she was.

Happy Birthday Mimi J

Mimi J celebrated her birthday today, so Miss Lyric made her a cake in the Easy Bake Oven. She decided to go with chocolate. She melted chocolate chips and spread those over the top, then she put chocolate chips on top of that. I hope Mimi J likes chocolate!
I told her she should just put one candle in it because it is so small, but she decided to go with eight. She and Story spent the night with Mimi J last night, so they all enjoyed a 'bite' of cake.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anatomy Lesson

Cadence finds it necessary to give us an anatomy lesson everytime she sits on the potty lately. This is how it goes:
"You teetee comes out you bagina. You poopoo comes out you booty. Mama, you hab a bagina? Mama you hab a booty."
She then goes through EVERY person in the family (even the extended family) Lyric hab a bagina, Story hab a bagina, Daddy hab a penjus...
Just FYI if you have seen my child within the last month or so we have probably discussed you penjus or you bagina and whether or not you hab a booty

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smoothie Queens

The girls have had a new passion lately for making smoothies. On this particular day Lyric and Cadence decided to whip up a strawberry smoothie.
I love that Cadence thought she needed her apron and hat, but not a stitch of clothes:-)
They took turns pressing the buttons on the blender.
Yummy, enjoying the fruit of their labor.
Best sisters!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yummy Cake!

My Litter posted this cake recipe the other day and I just had to try it. Devon was cooking on the grill and watching football, so we needed a cake to go with it, right?
Story Bell enjoyed "helping" me put the topping on!
You would be surprised how much cool whip gathers on the lid!
I used two Heath Bars for the top, but if I made it again I would use more. That was my favorite part;-)
This cake was really good, but I don't know if I will make it again. The kiddos don't really care for Carmel (I know they're strange-they don't like nuts either!), so they didn't eat much. That means Devon and I ate most of it and well, we just don't need that!

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Park

Daddy took Cadence and Lyric took the park this week while Story was sick. They stumbled onto a park that we had never been to. Boy have we been missing out! Story was feeling better today, so we decided to all go.
There were lots of things for the Little Monkey Girl to climb on.
Lyric was feeling especially photogenic today, so I got lots of posing out of her. Can someone please explain to me why I haven't taken this shirt out of her closet? It is way too small, but she LOVES it and always wants to wear it.
"Mama, take one of me at the bottom of the slide."
"Here Mama, take another one!"
They have this cool spinny thing. All three of the girls took a turn, but they didn't go too fast.
Once Monkey Girl got them off she could go as fast as she wanted!
They have a rocket thingy that bounces around.
"Mama, get my picture on the rocket thingy!" (I am going to get that shirt out of the closet right now--don't you think she can feel her belly hanging out?)
They have a really cool firetruck and
a cool school bus.
The girls really liked the baby swings. I think maybe they were also for the handicap?
The play scape had all kinds of fun stuff on it. Cadence had a restaurant, "Can I take you order Ma'am?"
Daddy and Lyric had a nice conversation on the telephone.
They discovered Monkey Bars on the bottom of the stairs.
And then it all went downhill! Lyric did something to upset Story and she had a MAJOR breakdown! She climbed on top of he play scape and refused to come down.
We eventually got her down and home. I think an hour at the park was just too much too soon!
Can't wait for this sickness to be gone!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chocolate Sugar Cookies for the Sick Girl

Story has been really sick this week! Today she wanted to bake cookies, so that's what we did. We decided on Chocolate Sugar Cookies. She and Cadence enjoyed licking the beaters.
The cookies turned out really good, but poor little Story Bell was too sick to even have one.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cadence Gets Some Alone Time

The big girls went to Grammy's this weekend, so Cadence got to spend some time by herself with Mommy and Daddy.
She had a good time driving the John Deere.
It was a lot of fun until Daddy changed the battery and it went from going about 10mph to 90 mph! Daddy and I both got a little workout trying to catch her. Luckily the picnic table got in the way:-)
Yes, she had been eating pudding.
She decided she needed a turn with the camera.
A blurry shot of Daddy.
Another good one of Daddy.
Pretty shoes!
Last but not least Mama.
We had a fun weekend and we will keep working on those photography skills.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So, What Does Your Unschooler Do All Day?

The girls have discovered a LOVE for Photo Booth on Daddy's computer. They have been taking pictures for a few weeks now,
but recently they discovered it also takes video.
Good times!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As I am updating the blog tonight Cadence is at the computer behind me watching Dora on Netflix.
Dora said, "Say Backpack." So, she screamed at the computer, "BACKPACK!"
Dora said, "Say it louder!" So Cadence screamed at the top of her lungs, "BACKPACK!!!!!!"
I hope Dora heard her:-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Will You Marry Me?

Story Bell got a wedding dress from Grammy for Christmas. We have had a quite a few weddings around here lately! Tonight she and Lyric decided they were going to tie the knot. The magician outfit worked quite well for the groom's duds.
You may "kiss the bride."
The happy couple, but wait Cadence wasn't going to be left out of the festivities!
Miss Lyric was more than happy to marry her too!
Who says threes a crowd?