Friday, May 30, 2008

Lava Lamps

We had a science playdate with our playgroup today. It was for the four year olds. We made Lava Lamps. It was a lot of fun!First, we filled the bottle about 3/4 with vegetable oil and then water was added to fill the bottle. Lyric picked blue food coloring for her bottle and Story picked red.To continue our "study" of water the kiddos found toys in the yard and made a prediction if they would sink or float. They then put them in the kiddie pool to test their prediction. Lyric had a shovel and she thought it was going to float... it didn't. Story had a football and she thought it was going to sink... it didn't. Cadence had a really good time at the playdate. She sat in the grass watching the other kids play. She wasn't really into the study of water, her interest today laid more into the vegetation on the ground. I dug a piece of grass out of her mouth, not sure why that was in there... maybe she was testing the taste? She also tested the strength of a twig. She was attempting to break it with her two new bottom teeth. She didn't have any success with breaking it. It was rather strong!
The girls also talked about water as a liquid and a solid. They then had a Popsicle to try water in it's solid form.
The playdate ended with some sprinkler fun!

Slip N Slide

Caba and KK gave the girls a Slip N Slide while we were in Midland. We tried to go pool today, but it was really busy so we decided to set the Slip N Slide up. The girls were too cute! They thought it worked great as a fountain! Story got tired of her bathing suit bottoms falling off. These pictures would not be as cute if she had kept them on! Cadence didn't try out the Slip N Slide, but she did enjoy the hose! I have to admit I really did want to try it out. We loved the Slip N Slide when I was growing up! But after reading the warning: Weight Limit 105 pounds... I decided to refrain. The girls enjoyed some sisterly love.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pool Time!

I braved the pool today with all three girls by myself! I know you are all gasping at the shock of it, but I am a pretty brave woman. Well, I guess I am not too brave I did make the girls stay in the kiddie part. It really wasn't that bad. I took the baby float for Cadence, so she basically floated around the whole time. The only time I really had to worry about her was when Story was hanging on the float and almost capsizing her.
The other two had a really good time swimming around and playing. Story was so cute I would have done anything to have had a video camera on her. She would say, "Mama, do you want to see me swim?" I of course would say yes. So, she would close her eyes really tight, stick her head under the water, and walk three or four steps. She would then jump up yelling, "Did you see me mama? Did you see me swim?" It was precious!

Friday, May 23, 2008


The most amazing thing happened today! I had a small load of laundry that I needed to fold. I set the basket on the couch and left the room to do something else (I don't remember what, but it probably involved a two year old or an eight month old). I came back a few minutes later and the clothes were folded and ready to be put away. No, daddy Devon didn't do it (he wasn't home). It was my sweet Lyric! I was shocked! I think I got a tear in my eye. I couldn't believe she had decided to fold the clothes all by herself! Do you think she is going to stay this way forever? When she is a teenager and I am yelling at her to help do the laundry I am going to have to remember this time when she was four and she did it on her own!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pizza, YUM!

We made pizzas at a playdate recently, so I decided to buy the stuff to make some with the girls. We had a lot of fun! First, they flattened their biscuits a little.

Then we added tomato sauce (some of us more than others) and a few sprinkles of Italian seasoning.

Next, came the cheese... lots and lots of cheese.
At our playdate the other day we made vegetarian pizza because it is 'V' month in our playgroup. When I mentioned the idea of making pizzas at home Lyric said, "Yea, let's make some, but we don't need to put broccoli on ours!" Sweet Lyric that was spinach, not broccoli... my poor vegetable deprived four year old!
Since Lyric didn't want any vegetables on our pizza we bought Canadian bacon instead.
Story decided she didn't want Canadian bacon, so she had hot dog instead. Yes, I agree... YUCK! And anyone who knows Story can probably guess that "Yes," she did think she needed to add the whole hotdog!
The pizzas actually turned out to be really good. Cadence even enjoyed one.
We will definitely be making pizza again.

Avocado Anyone?

Miss Cadence discovered a new food today. I have tried giving her avocado before and she wanted no part of it. Today was a different story. She couldn't get enough of it. YUMMY!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Vote Please

We are doing a lapbook on the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin. We will be making a graph to show which muffin is the most popular. Please vote on your favorite muffin. We will be sure and post the results of our poll when voting is complete. Thanks!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lyric is Too Funny!

The girls are going to the gym with me tonight because Devon is swamped with work. The big girls and I took a bath a few minutes ago (at like 2:30 in the afternoon), just because I am really, really tired today! So, now Story is running around naked (no surprise).
Lyric looked at her and said, "Are you going to wear your birthday suit to the gym tonight?"
Of course her response was, "Yes!"
(I know this may come as a shock to most of you, but no I will not be letting her go to the gym in her "birthday suit".)