Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bath Time

 Who needs a baby bathtub when you have a big sister to help?

Little Miss Bookworm

Yesterday, I took Lyric and Story to the library.  When we got home Lyric sat on the couch and read the first chapter of each of her chapter books.  There were eleven in the pile. 
 Today, she picked up two more books she had reserved, so she added them to her pile.  This is what she was doing this afternoon.
Thank you Unschooling!  I love that she loves to read and has the time to read whatever she wants.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pet Rocks

I recently saw an idea for Pet Rocks on Pinterest.  The girls made them today.
First, they painted and blew them dry.
 Then they went through our craft supplies to embellish them.


Coda enjoyed a nap while the girls worked.

Mama's Milk

Last week while Coda was eating, Devon, the girls and I started talking about my breast milk and wondering what it might taste like.  They decided they wanted to try it, so I pumped some milk and gave everyone a little to drink.  Devon liked it.  Lyric and Story thought it tasted like rice milk and didn't even finish the little I gave them.  Cadence thought it was really good!  She has been asking me to pump her some more since that day.  This morning I did.
 I am sure that is going to be really gross to lots of people, but I don't understand why.  It's perfectly normal for Coda to drink it, but gross for Cadence?  And most people drink milk from a cow, but that's not gross--weird!  We used to drink cow milk, but switched to plant based milk a few years ago.  I can't imagine having cow's milk now!  I guess we'll stick with rice milk except for the occasional treat for Cadence:-)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Package for Daddy

Devon had to work late, so the girls decided to make him a package.  They were going to be asleep when he got home, so they left it on the porch for him.
They wanted to trick him, so they put an address label on it, so he would think it was from Mimi J.  They also put a flag sticker on it, so it would look like a stamp.
 Cadence and I had made brownies and they put that inside with LOTS of pictures.  They made him some cootie catchers and
 Cadence made him one of her famous LONG straws.
 They made a card and separated it into four sections.  They each wrote in their section and they helped Coda write in her part.
She did pretty well, but she wrote on the bed a little.
We were all sleeping when Daddy found his package, but I'm sure he loved it!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Too Early for Christmas Planning?

About a week ago Story came up to me and said, "It's 94 days until Halloween...  I counted."
Today, she worked on her Christmas list.

She asked for:
An American Girl Doll
Build a Bear Gift Card

I asked her why she was working on her Christmas list.  She said, "My birthday is in five months, so that means Christmas is in five months too."  I guess it's never too early to start planning!

Drive In

Tonight we took the girls to the drive in for the first time.  They were so excited!  It was a double feature- Despicable Me 2 and Turbo.

We got them a pizza and french fries before the movie started.
 After they had their pizza, they had a dance party while waiting for the movie to start.


 It was a beautiful night, but when it got dark we couldn't believe how cold it was!  It is July, but it was freezing when we left the theater!
Lyric made it through both movies, but all three of the little girls crashed!
 I didn't bring anything to change Coda into, but luckily I did bring her a warm blanket.  She didn't know what was going on when I loaded her into her carseat to go home in the middle of the night.
 We will definitely be going to the drive in again!  It was a great experience and cheaper that going to the regular theater!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coda's First TIme on a Swing

 We went to the park tonight and Cadence insisted on having Coda join her on the swing.  Coda doesn't look too excited, but I think she enjoyed it.  At least, she didn't cry:-)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Tea Party

Story and Cadence planned a tea party today.  It was Coda's first to attend.  She thought it was lots of fun!
 They made us all nameplates for our seats.
 They made decorations for the walls.
 They planned games.  We played Princess Bingo, musical chairs and then they played princess music and
 We even received goody bags when it was over:-)

Bath Time

Squeaky clean girl:-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Deep Thinker

Not sure what she was dreaming about, but she seemed deep in thought!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Little Ms Inventor

Story came up with a new invention today.  Story is always been 'fixer.'  If she sees a problem she is going to try to figure it out.  If something is broken even though she may know nothing about it she will try to fix it.  The other day the girls and I were talking about making things out of paper, they had been making cootie catchers.  I told them when I was a kid I remember folding paper to make a cup.  I told them I didn't remember how, but someday we should look on the internet to see how to do it.  A little while later, Story walked into the room with a paper cup.  She had gotten on YouTube,  found a video and followed the directions. She says she is going to be in the circus when she grows up, but I could see her being an engineer or inventor.
Check out this video of her explaining her invention to me:

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bath Time

Coda took a bath with Cadence for the first time tonight.  Cadence was very excited!  She wasn't too thrilled at the fact that Coda could poop in the tub, but she was willing to risk it. 
 I held her while Cadence washed her.  I was a little worried Cadence may scrub her skin off, but Coda was sparkling when they were done;-)
Cadence insisted we empty the tub and get fresh water when I took Coda out.
I'm sure there are many baths together in these two's future!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All Healed Up

We had our last visit to The Farm today.  Pamela, our midwife, had to check me out one last time.  I am happy to report I'm all healed up!  She checked Coda out too.  She weighed 12 pounds.
After our appointment, we went over to the playground and had a picnic.  Lyric and Story tried out a new swing while we were there.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hitting Happy Hour

The girls and I went to Sonic for drinks this afternoon.  Yes, it was two in the afternoon and two of my children were in their pajamas and only one of the four was wearing shoes:-)  Luckily, you don't have to get out of the car at Sonic!
 Coda had a snack while we were there.
We made it back home in  time to make popcorn and watch Ellen--good times!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Monday

We had a pretty busy day at home today.  This morning Cadence insisted that if we put Coda on the floor she would crawl, so we did and she didn't:-)  Surprise, surprise!
At some point today, Coda was getting fussy in the pack and play, so Cadence tried to make her happy.
 One of the requirements for the Summer Reading Program at the library was to do a craft from a book or follow a recipe in a book.  Story chose the craft and made this cute purse.
 She is quite the little seamstress!
 This afternoon I jokingly told Lyric she should make us some brownies, so she did.  Cadence helped.  I was told I could go in the kitchen to supervise, but I wasn't allowed to help.  I tried not to say anything and just watch, but when Lyric picked up the 1/2 cup for the salt I had to help!
 Story didn't help make the brownies, but she did help eat them!
Love this bright eyed beauty!