Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Colorado Bend Camping Trip

Christy and I decided a few months ago that after Cadence’s birth I should take Lyric on a camping trip. We wanted to make sure she knows she is still just as special as ever, and we thought a solo trip with dad would be good for her. I finally got a break in my schedule and the heat let up, so we decided to take the trip last week. When I asked Lyric if the idea sounded fun to her, she said she did not want to leave Story behind because she “would miss her too much”. We asked Story if she would like to go and she said yes. I figured Christy could use a break anyway. Last Tuesday we bought a new tent- a small one for the three of us instead of the hotel we usually take- and a new bucket-potty. We had a great time at the store once we convinced Story that the bronze animals by the entrance would not hurt her. We spent Wednesday and Thursday getting our supplies ready and building up the excitement. I took the girls to the grocery store and they got to choose the food for the trip. We ended up with a lot of junk food, some orange juice, and stuff for hamburgers- Lyric’s choice for supper. Friday morning we loaded up in my car, which was cool because they never get to ride in my car, and we headed to Colorado Bend State Park. I had never been to the park, but I didn’t expect it to be full because it’s in the middle of nowhere, so I didn’t make reservations. The girls fell asleep 5 minutes into the trip. They woke up when we hit the ten mile long dirt road that leads into the park, and we rolled our windows down and looked at vultures and cows. We got to the park about 2:00, and just like I thought, it was empty. Looks are deceiving. We walked up to the headquarters and told the ranger we needed a tent site. She said, “Glad you got here early, I only have one site left!”
The site we got wouldn’t have been my first choice, because it was a walk-in. We had to carry all of our stuff down a hill and about 40 yards to the site. Then we had to move the car and park about another 50 yards away. This was an awful lot of work! My helpers did not want to wait at camp while I unloaded, but couldn’t carry anything down that steep hill, so it was slow going. After about an hour, we had everything down to the site. I set up the girl’s chairs and they ate a snack while I pitched the tents. We put our bags, baby dolls, backpacks, books, blankets, and a few rocks and sticks in the pink tent. Sleeping bags, pillows, and the bucket-potty went in the other tent. We decided to walk down to the river and look at the water. On the way, we came to a nice shady spot and I thought it would be fun to sit down and take in the surroundings. When I sat down I felt the sting of grass burrs all over my rear and hands. Luckily, I sat down before the girls did, so I was the only one who got ‘poked’. Lyric pulled grass burrs out of my backside and we decided to go back to camp before someone fell down and got a body full of stickers. Lyric found a stick and proclaimed she would kill any thorns we might come across. She started calling herself “Pirate Lyric”. We all wanted to go hiking, so we climbed the hill and made the trek to the car. We drove through the campground with our windows rolled down and saw a few deer grazing lazily along the road. We had to turn around and drive back by them so Story could see them through her window. They both thought the deer were pretty cool- even Story, who usually doesn’t like animals of any kind. We got to the trail and headed out with Pirate Lyric leading the way and me carrying Story. It wasn’t long before I heard something in the bushes. It was an armadillo! Lyric was a little scared at first, but got over her fear pretty quickly and started yelling, “Hey, Armadillo!” Her voice echoed through the canyon. Story was holding on to me for dear life. We moved on, stopping to look at tracks and scat, and to play games in the sand. We stopped at one point because Pirate Lyric wanted to play “The Rock Game”, but before she could explain the game to me and Story, I realized I was standing in a fire ant bed. Again, I was the only one affected. Eventually, we made it back to the car. We drove up the dirt road to a hill where my phone would work and called Mom. She informed me that the hamburger meat was still in the refrigerator. Lyric was disappointed, but I was secretly relieved that I would not be cooking. We went back to camp and ate ham sandwiches for supper. I built a fire and made the girls some hot chocolate. Around this time, the batteries went dead in the camera, so we didn’t get any more pictures of the trip. I took some video and we’ll try to get that uploaded soon. After a while, we put on pajamas and read books in the tent by the light of our lanterns. Because of our most recent camping experience (Davis Mountains State Park in July), Lyric was sure our camp would be invaded by skunks during the night. I assured her that that really doesn’t happen very often, and we would be safe inside our tent. The girls fell asleep before many stars were visible, so the stargazing was left to me. We slept pretty well, but we did get a little cold at times. Lyric and I did anyway, Story didn’t wake up a single time during the night. Lyric really only woke up once. She said, “Daddy, I hear something moving around outside!” I could hear it, too, and I hoped it wasn’t a raccoon getting into our camp box, but I wasn’t worried about it enough to check it out. I told Lyric we were safe, and she fell asleep. I got up shortly after that and could see the silhouettes of deer in the moon light all around our camp. It was cold, so I made a fire. Lyric woke up not long after, and I started getting her dressed in her pants and long sleeved shirt. Story lifted up from her sleeping bag and said, “Where’s my mommy?” Lyric and I laughed and Story started laughing, too. After they were dressed, the girls sat in their chairs by the fire and I made them some hot chocolate. They ate powdered doughnuts. They ate pop-tarts. They ate crackers. They ate Little Debbie Halloween Cakes. Lyric said, “We ate a lot for breakfast, Daddy.” We were camped under a huge pecan tree, and Lyric decided to gather some pecans to take home to Christy, since she is the only one in our family who likes ‘em. We spent an hour or so packing up our camp and then hauled it all back up the hill to the car. The girls were ready to see Mommy and Cadence, but we decided to go on one more hike before we left the park. Lyric wanted to go on a different trail, so we drove up the dirt road to the Windmill Trail. Again, Pirate Lyric led the way and I carried Story. Along the way, I saw some raccoon poop. I pointed it out to Lyric. She looked at it for maybe two seconds and said, “Don’t step in it.” We kept going. That turned out to be her favorite part of the whole trip. We made it back to the car and headed for home with Lyric and Story shouting, “Goodbye trees! Goodbye deer! Goodbye park!” The girls had a great time. As for me, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I don’t know if they will remember our camping trip to Colorado Bend a year from now or even a week from now, but I will remember it for the rest of my life. Devon

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

The girls and I visited the pumpkin patch in Marble Falls with our playgroup. We invited The Kessler's to join us. The morning started off kind of iffy because it looked like rain, but the weatherman said it wasn't going to rain until the afternoon, so we took a chance and headed to Marble Falls. When we arrived I needed to pee, so I looked around for a restroom. Ah, yes they have restrooms, but wait it is a Port A Potty. Okay, what will we do... There are no moms here from the playgroup yet and I have three children with me...Can three children fit in a Port A Potty?...Should I lock them in the van?...Can I hold it?...Why did I drink all that water on the way?...
Okay, let's see, "Miss L mommy really has to go potty. Can you stand outside of the potty and watch Baby C while SB and I go in the potty?" Miss L, "Yes."
Okay this is going to work; put Baby C in the stroller, drag three kids across the parking lot, take one in and hope the other two are okay outside... "Miss L, mommy is going in now you stand right here with Baby C." Miss L,"Okay."
While inside.."SB, don't touch anything! Miss L are you okay? SB, I said don't touch anything! Miss L, are you okay? SB, don't touch that! Miss L, we will be out in just a second. Okay? SB, don't open the door yet, mommy has to pull her pants up... Success, mommy used the Port A Potty with three children!
After our potty incident it was time for our tour to start. The Kesslers arrived along with the other people in our group. We started the morning off with a hay ride and going through the maize maze. This really gave me the heebie geebies, I would not want to be lost in there alone!
Next, the kiddos ran a relay race. They had to pull the wagon down to the pumpkins, pick out a pumpkin and run back to the start. The girls both did great! Miss L did it by herself, but our tour guide thought she needed to help SB because she was so little. Shockingly, SB let her help. Everyone then painted their pumpkin. They could have painted a face, but the girls chose to do something more abstract. Next, we fed the goats. Miss L loved this part; SB, not so much!
After we fed the goats we washed up and had some lunch. One of the moms from the playgroup sat with us. Miss L told her how SB likes to pick people's moles and last week she picked Miss L's nipple on her chin. I quickly explained how Miss L meant her pimple on her say the craziest things!
When lunch was over we took some pictures with the pumpkins, had ice cream and headed home. We were going to buy a pumpkin, but I just didn't have it in me to lug the three children and a huge pumpkin, so we will be visiting another pumpkin patch with daddy to get our pumpkin for this year.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Festival

Grammy came for a visit this weekend and we decided to visit a fall festival at a church here in Round Rock. The girls had a really good time! They had a petting zoo, a fishing game, a jumpy house, a pumpkin patch and the girls got their face painted.

The jumping was probably their favorite part; although Miss L really enjoyed petting the animals. SB wanted no part of the animals. We were standing outside the fence watching Miss L and Daddy with the animals and she was clutching her teddy bear saying he can't have my bear. The "he" being the horse. She kept repeating over and over how he couldn't have her bear and then she switched to Baby C. Saying he can't have "Tadence". I don't know if she has heard stories of horses eating bears and babies or if she just didn't like the looks of the horse, but she wanted us to know that he couldn't have her bear or her sister!

We had lunch while we were there and of course we had to contribute to the church by visiting their bake sale :) Grammy and I had a brownie, daddy had a pumpkin muffin that he really wants me to learn how to make, and the girls had cupcakes. You can't go to a festival and not have cotton candy, so each one of the girls had some. SB wanted to share with daddy, but he wasn't really up for it. Miss L apparently was saving some of hers for later.

Overall, we had a really good time!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Baby C's First Playdate

Baby C attended her first playdate today. We joined our playgroup at the park. Miss L and SB made a Halloween necklace, we had snacks and the kiddos played while the mamas chatted. Baby C just slept and hung out. I guess you could say she enjoyed it. I forgot the camera, so there aren't any pictures from our day. Grammy is in town this weekend. Bob is at the deer lease, so Grammy is hanging with us. There is a church in Round Rock having a Fall Festival tomorrow that I think we are going to check out. They are having a craft show, petting zoo, and a pumpkin patch. The kids will probably enjoy it. Well, I worked out this morning. I called Ashlee and asked her if she wanted to meet at the gym. She said yes, but while we were talking her sister in law beeped in and asked her to go to Cracker Barrel. So needless to say, I worked out by myself. Aren't you all proud I passed up Cracker Barrel?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Play Ball

The girls and I were playing outside today when daddy came home from work. They set the T up and played a while. Miss L got some lessons on hitting.

And SB got some lessons on throwing.

SB also drew a masterpiece on the porch,

and got a litte chalk hiney in the process.

Baby C slept while the girls played. Someday too soon she will be out there running around with them!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


So, I have decided to give this whole blog thing a shot. I think this will be easier than the family homepage I was trying out. We will see how it goes. I am excited to try it out because you all know with three girls this place is a circus.
Today was a busy day for us! Daddy came home from work early, so I went to the gym. I was very excited to get back at it. I haven't worked out in a really long time. You know how it is: get pregnant and lazy!
Miss L and I have been working on the letter D. Today we glued dots on to a capital D and a lower case D. While we were working she asked for a snack. I said we should have something that starts with a D. We both tried to think of D snacks. She suggested cookies. I quickly informed her that 1)We didn't have any cookies and 2) Cookies don't start with the letter D! We decided to make doughnuts out of biscuits. So we made 'd'oughnuts and 'd'ecorated them with icing and sprinkles. So much for mama's working out today!
This afternoon the girls and I played outside. They rode their bikes, played with the chalk, and hit some with the T-Ball. Miss L and I played Old Yeller for a while. She was Mama and I was Arlis(sp?).
When we came in the girls decided to play with the purple lipstick they got from Faith Meadow's birthday. Mommy wasn't paying attention, so you can only imagine how that went. Who knew how dark play lipstick could be? Thanks, Cheryl.
Hubby had a gig tonight, so we had Cheerios for dinner. After we ate, Miss L and I made some bats to decorate for Halloween. We decided to hang them in the dining room. They kind of look like bats, right?
I have to brag a little, the girls were both bathed (thoroughly scrubbed to get the purple off) and asleep by about 8:20 tonight. That is a big accomplishment for me being here without Hubby. I do have to give Baby C some credit because she slept during bath time and while I was putting the girls to sleep so that did make it a little easier on me.
Well, now that they are sleeping I get to go work on laundry. I can only hope Baby C cooperates as well with this task.