Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today was Devon's birthday, so we let him chose what we should do.  They were having a fossil day at Fort Negley.  He has always wanted to go there, so we decided to check it out.  Vanderbilt students were stationed around the park to show and discuss fossils and you could look for fossils in the rock.
Daddy and Lyric looked for fossils, but Story and Cadence weren't interested.  They just wanted to explore the fort!

 Daddy and Lyric eventually joined us.
 Story took this picture.
 Cadence took this one.
 A passerby offered to take this one.  A great picture except my jacket is almost covering poor little Cadence:-/
 We spent some time walking around the Fort. 

 While visiting the fort we all worked up an appetite, so we took daddy out to lunch.  Then we headed home for cake and presents.
Everyone posed with Daddy when they gave him his present.

 Lyric couldn't quit giggling when she gave him her triple wrapped present:-)

 Yummy cake.
Happy Birthday to the best husband and Daddy we could ask for!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Farm

We had our 31 week appointment today.  We decided to take the camera and get a few pictures of The Farm.  It's located in Summertown, basically out in the boonies.
 The first time we drove out here, we noticed this "Congested Area" sign.  Devon and I thought it was hilarious because its out in the middle of nowhere.  We can't imagine when there would be congestion.
When you first drive through the gates they have a visitor's center. 
To get to the clinic you drive through the country setting and even get to see some horses and cows.
This is the clinic.
 The girls and i posed with Pamela, our midwife.  She has been at The Farm since the beginning.  You can read her story here.
 There is a stray cat that hangs around the clinic.  The girls love it!  I'm not so sure how much it loves them.  The three of them were trying to coax it over so they could pet it.
 Story even tried using her stuffed Mickey Mouse to lure it over, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful.
 We had a good visit today.  Everything looked good.  Cuatro is no longer breech, so that's a good thing.  We could have still delivered at The Farm if he/she wouldn't have turned, but we're glad it has turned!
Click here if you want to read more about The Farm.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Woo Hoo #5 on the List

Tonight Cadence and I were laying in the bed together.  She was watching a movie on Netflix and I was on the laptop.  Out of the blue, in her sweetest, most loving voice she said, "Did I ever tell you, you're my favorite after pigs, yellow, Belle and ham."  Wow, I'm right up there with ham!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun on Lyric's Birthday!

Today, Lyric wanted to go to Circus World for her birthday.  We have never been, but it sounded like so much  fun we decided to give it a try.
I got this shot of the girls this morning before we left.  Cadence decided her breakfast taco needed to be in the picture too:-)
Lyric wanted to bowl first.

 Cadence and Story wanted to go see the rest of what Circus World had to offer, so Daddy and Lyric finished their games to speed things up.

We hit the bumper cars next.  (I say we, but I just played photographer all day.  Circus World doesn't offer much for pregnant women:-/)

 After the bumper cars, they tried Laser Tag.  It was the girls first time.  They liked it, but were a little disappointed the boys won:-(  
We tried skating after laser tag.  They have skated before, but they still need some support.
Lyric and Story pretty much stayed on the walls.

 Cadence held mine or Devon's hands.  She liked letting herself go while we held her up.  I was afraid my pregnant self was going to fall on top of her!

 They had a good time!
 Story and Cadence waited a really long time to jump on the trampolines.  Daddy and Lyric rode the bumper cars over and over again while they waited on them.

 Story really wanted to do a flip!  It didn't happen this time, but maybe next time.

We played a few games before heading to the park for a picnic.  We had our veggie sandwiches and then it was time for gifts.
She opened Story's first.  A new Monopoly Wii game.
 She opened mine next.  A dinosaur digging kit.
 Then Cadence's gift.  She sewed Lyric a blanket to match the pillow she sewed her for Christmas.

 Last came Daddy's gift.  Two of her favorite things- nutritional yeast and Bragg's Liquid Aminos.
We have been out of these for awhile, so she was pretty excited when she opened them.

 Daddy also got her a new box of crayons and a Creepover chapter book that she has been wanting because the library doesn't have it.

 Cake time!

 We set the camera on the picnic table to try and get a family picture:-)
Story Bell was complaining about the sun, so she put her hands up in the first one:-(
Devon slid down when he was trying to get seated before the camera snapped in this one, so I was cracking up!
 Lyric had a great birthday and we all had lots of fun!  We ended the night watching Despicable Me, one of her favorite movies.