Wednesday, November 5, 2014

They Can't Learn Anything From TV!

Today Lyric, Story, Coda and I went shopping.  Cadence wasn't feeling very well, so she stayed home with Devon.  She got some Dots candy when we went Trick or Treating.  They reminded her of one of her favorite Magic School Bus episodes.  Ms Frizzle and the kids made a bridge from Dots, toothpicks and popsicle sticks.
With a little help from Daddy she made her own :-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Date Day

The big girls had History Club today, so Devon and I decided to go hiking for our date.  We went to Percy Warner.  It was a beautiful day!  I've been here many times and seen these stairs, but I've never been up them.

 It was quite the workout:-)

 We took the 2.5 mile loop once we made it up the stairs.
 Someone started getting sleepy.
 That hiking is hard work!
 She was not too happy about us being done and ending her nap, but my legs were jello:-)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Daddy's Little Helper

You have to love a man who does the dishes.  You have to really love a man who does the dishes and lets the 17 month old help!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flat Gwen's Visit

The girls have been participating in a Flat Stanley group on Facebook.  We mail our flat to a family and get one in the mail in return.  This month we have had Flat Gwen visiting from West Virginia.
Story took her to guitar lessons.
 We took her to the downtown library's homeschool day.
She helped Story work on her ink stamp picture.

 She helped Cadence and Story dye paper.
Lyric took her picture with one of the tall buildings while we were downtown.
 We went shopping for Halloween stuff and took her on a picnic with us.
 We took her to a PowWow.

 She played in the teepee with Story and Cadence and pretended to build a fire.
 She posed with the girls and one of the dancers.
 She joined us at the zoo for Halloween.  We dressed her as a ghost.

 We all thought this skeleton was creepy, but Gwen really wanted to pose with him while we were at the zoo!
 She joined us for a family night of carving pumpkins and a Halloween version of Scattergories.

She helped the girls bake Halloween cookies.
She even licked the beater!
Baking cookies was messy work!
We did shadow puppets.

We took her to Cumberland Park.  She enjoyed the see saw with Story
and had a turn with Lyric and Coda.
She went rock climbing with Story.
The girls posed with Gwen in front of downtown.
The girls LOVE to go up the glass elevator at the park!  They were excited to take Gwen up it!
It's hard to see her, but here she is on the pedestrian bridge:-)
Before sending her back, Story had to give her a ride on her unicycle.
We had a great time with Gwen and look forward to getting Flat Grace back soon:-)