Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cadence Has Cereal for the First TIme

We gave Cadence some cereal for the first time tonight. I don't think she liked it. But we will keep trying.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Big Bad Rain Forest and Red Riding Hood

Lyric decided to write a book for Wesley for his birthday. It turned out pretty cute. She is very proud of it!
She told me the story and I typed it then she illustrated. Enjoy:
Red Riding Hood was walking through the forest she suddenly heard a big noise. She didn’t know what it was. She decided to look in the big bad rain forest. So she looked and looked and nobody ever answered. And there was a big bad wolf behind a bush with blueberries on top. She didn’t know what to do because it was a big bad wolf. She doesn’t know what to do because she thought the big bad wolf was going to eat her. Red Riding Hood did not know what to do because nobody knows what to do even her. Nobody else knows what to do. The big bad wolf did not know what to do either because when Riding Hood threw a ball at him he ran as fast as he can with his tail between his legs. They lived happily ever after.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Today the girls and I decided to plant some plants. I had bought these a while back (well actually, I think it was this time last year) and we never planted them. The little pots came with a packet of seeds and a soil pellet. You had to soak the pellet in water for 5 minutes.
The girls then used forks to fluff up the soil.
I learned one thing about my girls today, they do not like dirty hands! They wanted nothing to do with carving the pumpkins at Halloween, but I didn't think they would mind a little dirt. Lyric wanted to use a fork the whole time because she didn't want to get her hands dirty. Story used used hers, wanted to go wash her hands in the middle of it. They did not get that from me!
Someone, Story, touched Cadence's head in the middle of our planting adventure. She didn't seem to mind it. I wonder if she will mind dirty hands?

An Apple A Day...

Cadence had her first food today, well kind of:-) I gave her a green apple to "chew" on. She was too cute! She has really been teething, so I thought the green apple might make her gums feel better. She really seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shower for Baby Zayden

Today we had a baby shower for Trent and Kristin. It was a lot of fun! They were "showered" with lots of gifts from their friends and family. Frogs is their theme; you would not believe all of the frog things they have for babies! They got frog clothes, a frog hamper, frog toys, frog shoes.... you name it they probably got it with a frog on it! Ashlee and I spent the entire day yesterday working on cakes. Yes, we really did spend the entire day! We started out with breakfast at Cracker Barrel (the girls were at Grammy's-- we just had to). The cake baking started about 9:30am. She had to pick her kiddos up from school at 3:30, so Cadence and I drove her to Liberty Hill to pick them up and back to my house to finish the cakes. She left last night at about 9:30. Everyone loved the cakes! They thought they were so cute! I was most proud of Trent's cake. He has been remodeling their house, so I made a special Daddy to Be cake for him. (Devon made the hat and the toliet... I think he likes working with fondant)The baby cake of Zayden turned out pretty cute, too! The frog cake was pretty cute in the end, but it gave us lots of trouble!!!! We made one frog, but his body was too small for his huge head, so we had to start over. I was working on Trent's cake, so Ashlee did the frog by herself. Devon says if she ever needs to make a monkey cake she now knows how. You be the judge, does it look like a green monkey?
Overall the shower was fun and I think everyone had a great time!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bastrop/ Buescher State Parks

Sunday Feb. 3 We decided to take the girls hiking today. Story woke up at the crack of dawn, so she and Devon decided to wake Lyric and I up at like 6:30. We were not too happy, but we got up anyway. Everyone was dressed, fed and out of the house by 8:00. That is extremely early for a family of 5 to be up and out, but we were (thanks for the early start Story). We deciced we would head over to Bastrop have a snack and hike there and then find a restaurant before heading back home in the afternoon to get redy for the big Super Bowl party. We were in the car approximately 14 1/2 minutes when Story began demanding to , "Get me out of this old seat!" Needless to say it was a pretty long journey. Our little Story Bell is not much of a traveler and unfortunately for her she joined the wrong family because we like to get in the car and go. We finally arrived in Bastrop around 9:30. The girls decided we should have our snack before we headed out on the hike. Devon and the girls found a log to share the snack while I gave Cadence a snack in the car. After everyone had a full tummy Devon loaded Story in her backpack and I loaded Cadence in her front pack.
We hit the trail, but soon discovered we were not on the trail we wanted to be on. Daddy accidentally parked us in the wrong parking lot; to be on the trail we wanted to be on we had to get back in the car and drive to another parking lot. Daddy told everyone he was sorry for the mistake, but Lyric quickly informed him, "It's okay Daddy everybody makes mistakes sometimes, even Connie." We eventually made it to the trail and set out on our hike. Devon is getting surprisingly good at judging when we need to turn around before Lyric gets too tired. On our hike back up the trail she started to complain a little, but we started racing to each trail marker so that kept her momentum going. We had some water and another snack after the hike (yes, we like to eat). We then decided to drive over to Buescher State Park to check it out. The girls spotted a playground and played a while. I think Daddy enjoyed the slide as much as they did. We decided it was time to find some lunch (I told you we like to eat). Lyric wanted to go to a resturaunt with chips, we were all to happy to appease this request because she usually doesn't like Mexican food and Devon and I could eat it for every meal. We found a little place outside of Bastrop, I think it was called Tamaleo's (or something like that). If you are ever outside of Bastrop and you see a little place called Tamaleo's (or something like that)... keep driving! We went in and there were about 10 tables, two were occupied. Okay, no big deal so far, it's a little place, but were are going to get some chips and salsa a cold drink and realxe after our hike...NOT... A guy comes up gives us a menu and takes our drink order. Well the first problem was the menu, it had a total of about five things to choose from. What? I mean come on I know it is a small place, but can we get a little selection? He brought our drinks and I asked if they had anything for the kids, no kids plates, but they do have quesidillas and tostados. Okay, we can work with that. Devon asked if we could get some chips. No, we try not to be too unhealthy, so we don't serve chips and salsa. What... I mean come on you are a mexican food restaurant and you don't serve chips and salsa... CRAZY! Buddy, if we were looking to be healthy we wouldn't be eating mexican food... But, I do have to give Tamaleo's (or something like that) credit the food was really good. Devon had tamales and I had pork cooked in green sauce. So the next time you are traveling outside of Bastrop and you want not so unhealthy mexican food with no chips and five items on the menu you might try Tamelo's (or something like that). Oh and they do sell Bio Fuel if you are in need of a fill up. We had a very long ride home becsuse not only Story wanted out of that old seat, but Lyric did to! I found a bag of Cherrios and peanuts (one of the girls' snacks from the week before). We entertained ourselves by throwing them at Daddy. Yes, it wasn't very safe and yes the car is a mess now, but we made it home without anyone going too crazy. The night ended with cupcakes and our big Super Bowl party (yes, it was just the five of us). A great end to a great day!