Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can We Grow Grapes?

While Story and Cadence were napping today Lyric was having some grapes for a snack. I was at the computer. She came into the room with a handful of seeds that she wanted to plant. Seeds? Where did you get seeds? Oh, you dug them out of the grapes (the seedless grapes). Okay. Plant them? Uh, let's call Daddy he knows much more about this kind of thing... Daddy says we need some potting soil and we can plant them in a cup. You want to plant them outside? Of course we don't need potting soil there is plenty of dirt outside. We'll let you all know when our grapes start producing:-)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Day at the Park

Devon decided he was going to take us all out to the Wildlife Preserve in Lago Vista today. He and the girls went hiking out there a few weeks ago, so he thought it would be fun for the whole family to go. We got to Lago Vista and decided to pick up some lunch and then head over to the park. The girls were not at all interested in going hiking. They wanted a park with a slide! On to Plan B... we asked the girl at Sonic if they had a park with a slide and she sent us to Jonestown. We weren't really sure what we were getting into, but were pleasantly surprised. They had a nice city park right on the lake.
We had our lunch and played on the play scape for a while.Cadence tried to keep up with her sisters as usual.We walked down to the lake to do some exploring.Lyric and Daddy discussed which rocks were best for skipping.Daddy had to demonstrate the perfect rock skipping technique.Story threw some rocks in the lake. Yes, I think she was trying to find the biggest ones on shore. I'm surprised they didn't carry her little body in with them!We decided to feed the ducks the leftover french fries we had. I thought the girls would really enjoy feeding them, but they almost knocked me down trying to get away from the little beasts! Can you blame them? Geese can be really scary.We found a turtle shell and much to daddy's surprise I suggested we bring it home. I will be sure to post pictures when we get it cleaned up.
After exploring the lake the girls decided to climb a tree near the play scape. Lyric was scared at first, but Story just shimmied right up the tree.When Lyric was up the tree we thought it would be cute to get Story to climb up to get a picture of the both of them. Lyric was ready to get down and did her best not to "freak out".Story really didn't get the fact that we wanted them both in the tree. She climbed up to the spot where Lyric was and said,"Excuse me Lyric, will you please move?" I really don't know where she thought Lyric could go:-)
We were able to get them to pose before rescuing Lyric and letting Story go higher. After the tree climbing we decided to try to take a picture of all three girls together. People wonder why we never have a picture of all of them together. Well just have a look and you will understand!

Daddy and the Girls

The girls were watching Happy Feet while daddy made us breakfast this morning. He had never seen the end of the movie (don't know how that happened it has only been seen about a thousand times in this house!) So, after breakfast they decided to finish watching it together.
I love this picture of the four of them! It is rare to get a picture of the girls together, but one with all three girls and daddy is unheard of!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ice Burgs

I saw the idea to make ice burgs for the girls bath on a blog somewhere and I just had to try them. So easy and what fun for the kiddos.
All you have to do is freeze water with a small toy in a pudding or yogurt cup. Add a few drops of food coloring and you have yourself some ice burgs. The food coloring also turned the water blue, so that made for some extra excitement. Two things you don't want to do if you try this: 1. Don't use toys that float. (See the frog sticking out of the ice burg in the top picture.) 2. If you use a matchbox car be sure to take it out of the tub when the kiddos are done playing with it. matchbox car + little hinney = bad combination

New Park in Georgetown

Well, it isn't a new park, but it is new to us. The girls and I visited a VERY cool park in Georgetown today! I don't know why we have never been to this park before. The play scape is built like a fort and was great for climbing and lots of fun. Cadence had a really good time trying to keep up with her big sisters. We took a picnic (our 3rd for the week), no geese this time! Although, there was a bird that kind of freaked Story out.Lyric enjoyed some PB&J.Story did some hanging around.The big girls had a good time in the tire swing.

This is definitely a park we will be visiting again!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tomato Loving Girl

Lyric:Can I have this?
Me: Sure, do you want it cut up?
Lyric: No, just wash it.
Me: Okay, just eat it like an apple:-)
(and she did!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cooking With the Four Year Olds

Today Lyric had a cooking play date. We went over to J's house and made a "Thanksgiving" Meal. We made Mac and Cheese, Sweet Potatoes, and Pumpkin Pie in a bag. The pumpkin pie was like a pudding--and really yummy!
Story and Cadence enjoyed playing in the different chairs while the big kids cooked.I think smashing the graham crackers for the pie crust may have been Lyric's favorite part. She told Daddy all about it at supper tonight.The kiddos had a good time eating out on the porch.Pumpkin pie for dessert before playing in the backyard!J got these great pictures of the girls in the hammock. A fun day with friends.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Palomites de Maiz

The girls and I went to bilingual storytime at the library on Tuesday. It was all about popcorn. That afternoon we decided to pop some popcorn on the stove. We had never done this before, so I thought they would enjoy it. They liked watching it pop through the lid, but I decided to make it even more fun by taking the lid off. It was hilarious. You would be surprised how high that popcorn could pop! We had popcorn all over the kitchen. I thought we could do some art with the popcorn by gluing it to construction paper. The girls weren't really into the art part. They ended up eating some of it and feeding the rest to the birds.

Picnic in the Park

I have to start this post off by saying I had nothing to do with the clothes my children are wearing! Faith Meadow gave the girls some hand me downs when we saw her over the weekend, so they insisted on wearing these. I know the dress Lyric has on is way too small and I suggested she wear something else and yes I know the dress Story is wearing isn't really appropriate for the park. But they are 4 and 2 does it really matter what they are wearing?
We went to story time at the library today and I packed us a picnic for the park afterward.
As soon as we got to the picnic table we were surrounded by geese. The girls were terrified, but they figured out a solution, just sit on top of the table:-)I can't say that I blame them. Those geese are some pretty ugly creatures!When the girls realized the geese just wanted food I had a hard time keeping them from throwing their whole lunch to them. The birds were hungry, too!After we ate, the girls played on the play scape for a while.Miss Cadence was pretty proud of herself for climbing up!We had a good time exploring the park.

Baby Cadence had a good time, but just couldn't hang with the big girls!