Monday, March 30, 2009

Worst Mother of the Year Award!

Today was Daddy's birthday, so the girls and I had a lot of stuff to do. This morning we were all leaving the house and loading up in the car. Story decided she needed her frog that was in the back yard. I told her to hurry and run down the driveway to go and get it. I was locking the front door when I heard her crying. I immediately knew what happened. She fell on the rocks running down the driveway. I felt horrible!
Her poor little knee was all scraped up and bleeding. She allowed me to take a picture of her knee.But she really didn't want to pose. She would let me take one with her hands in front of her eyes. I am sorry I was rushing you my poor little Livy Girl!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Egg Shaped Side Walk Chalk

I saw a tutorial for egg shaped side walk chalk over on Skip to my Lou so the girls and I decided to give it a try today.I have never worked with Plaster of Paris, so I don't know if our chalk is going to turn out. The Plaster of Paris kept getting really dry while we were mixing it and adding our paint. I don't know if we were moving too slow or if the sun was just making it dry out fast. I will be sure and let you know if it turns out.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Z

Baby Zayden celebrated his first birthday today. Aunt Kristin made his cake. Very impressive! The birthday boy hanging out before the festivities began. Devon and the girls played an eye spy game outside. They had a water hose sprayer and they would take turns hiding it.How cute is Cadence!
Time for cake. Mama helped him get started. He really couldn't figure out what that stuff all over his hand was.I don't know how much he actually ate, but he had fun playing with it.I swear, I have seen this exact picture of his daddy! Lighten the hair a little and take away a little of that baby fat and they would be twins!Bath time!Time for presents! Baby Z had lots of helpers.
Too many helpers. He decided the balloon and bow were much more fun than presents.You girls can have that paper and those boxes, I have something much more fun over here!
Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Zayden's Homemade Birthday

Baby Z is turning one on Sunday. I decided to make his birthday presents. I made him some felt food: eggs, banana, cookie, donuts, strawberries and an HEB bag.I also made him a hooded towel. I was going to do a dog because I have done a dog before, but frogs are his nursery theme and the theme of his party. I decided to try a frog. I was really happy with how it turned out. I am sure it will keep him cozy and warm after his bath!

Our Friday

Our Friday started off pretty rough! We were supposed to have a kite playdate the park with a picnic. It was storming this morning, so they moved the playdate to McDonald's. It is a good 30 to 40 minute drive for us and I really didn't want to drive that far in the storm. The girls were so upset we didn't get to go to the playdate!
The storm didn't last long, so I felt really bad we didn't go to the playdate.
We ended up having a really busy and fun day despite the rough start.
We took our bean plants out of the window and transferred them to cups. Lyric and Cadence were excited to work on their bean plants, but Story said she just wanted to let hers die. We all wrote our names on our cups, so we would know which was ours. It was really cool to see how much the bean plants had grown in their baggies. We loaded them up to pull over near the hose.
It wasn't far, but Baby Cadence decided she needed to hitch a ride.Story Bell wanted to join in on the watering, but Big Sister said she had it under control!
Story decided not to let hers die after all.
Story got her two all planted and watered and ready to put in the window sill.
Miss Lyric got some pots for her birthday that she painted. She planted some flowers in them today, too.
After all of the gardening, we were hungry! We decided to head to the park for a picnic.
A bee decided to join us. He kept landing on flappers ear. Story Bell wasn't taking any chances she hid under the table.
Miss Lyric enjoyed our picnic.
While we were eating we saw a lady feeding a squirrel from her hand. Mama didn't want to try that, but we did throw this little guy some of our sandwich.
The girls LOVED the tire swing! Lyric, Story and Tris, Story's new friend, are seen here. Isn't Tris just the cutest!
Baby Cadence did a little driving. Look at those lips doing driving noises.
We asked Tris to scoot over so Baby Cadence could join in. We only had two pieces of bread left after I made our sandwiches this morning. I brought them on our picnic so the girls could feed the ducks. This is always a good idea in theory, but when it comes to actually feeding them it never seems to work out!
Baby Cadence decided to get the bread ready while big sisters were swinging.
They were taking quite awhile on the swing, so she decided to have a little snack.
We decided to feed another squirrel.Feeding the ducks started off okay... But there were just so many of them and everyone in the park seemed hungry today!
Don't worry, Big Sister is here.
We decided to walk down and look at the water... the ducks decided to follow.
Story and Cadence were not too happy about that!
Lyric was sitting near a shallow part in the water. She saw a "cool" rock. I suggested she take her shoes off and wade in to get it.
"What, are you serious?"Well, you can't just wade in for the rock. If you are going in you've got to check it all out.And of course, Little Sister has to join you.
Baby sister can't be left out! (She only lasted about 30 seconds!).We had fun sending leaves down the currents.
Girls try not to get too wet I didn't bring any towels...Yea, right! Boy, I'm glad I didn't get pulled over on the way home! It was there idea to strip, not mine;-)Yes, they are in their birthday suits!This afternoon the girls wanted to fly the kite we were going to fly at our playdate. We told them there were too many trees around the house, so they would have to wait until we went to the park.
So we improvised. Yes, that is an HEB bag tied to yarn.
Yes, we are a little ghetto around here. Yes, it satisfied their need for a kite.
Well, that is our Friday in a nutshell.