Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Best Giveaway EVER!!!!!

So here is the deal, I am blogging about this giveaway to get another chance to win. But I really really really want to win this, so if you go check it out you may NOT sign up to win it!!! Like I said I REALLY want to win and I don't need any more competition!
Tiffany at My Litter of Six, one of my most favorite blogs, is giving away a coupon organizer loaded with goodies! I know isn't it awesome! Like I said go check it out, but do not enter to win! If I found out someone who found this from my blog won... it is not going to be pretty!
If I win, did I mention I REALLY want to, I will give you my old binder. It isn't as fancy as the one Tiffany is giving away, but it is still a good binder. I know you may be wondering why I want to win if I have a binder, because like I said mine isn't as fancy as the one she is giving away. I want to look like a business woman or vendor when I am out shopping not like the crazy coupon lady that I am;-)
So anyway go check it out, but DO NOT enter to win!

How Does a Should Be Kindergardener Spend Her First Day Not in School...

The kiddos started back to school today. I thought it would be fun to document Lyrics "first" day as an official unschooler. It really was no different than any other day. Since we are unschoolers we see learning no different than living, but her school career would have officially started today had she chose to take that route.
  • Around 8:30 woke up.
  • She wore her jammies the entire day. I heard jammies called "life clothes" on a blog recently. I think we will start using that term around here too.
  • She played outside with her sisters.
  • 9:00 she decided she was ready for some breakfast.
  • We all played with one of their puzzle games. It has shapes and you make different objects (house, train, butterfly...) using the shapes.
  • She then decided to draw the shapes and I spelled the words so she could label them.
  • 10:00 For a few days now she has been wanting to make a game. After playing the shape game she decided she wanted to make a shape game. I helped her cut some card stock and make a memory game. I drew the shapes on one card and she colored them and on a matching card I wrote the name of the shape (in all capital letters- her instructions).
  • After making the shape game we played it.
  • She then decided to make another game. We brainstormed ideas, we thought about making a game to go with a book, but decided that wasn't what she wanted to do. I really wanted to make a spinner (we have never made one together and I thought she would like it:) We finally came up with an idea of a silly face game with a spinner. So, we made faces and then all of the pieces to go with a face (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hair). To play the game you spin the spinner and get the different pieces of your face. The first person to complete their face wins. We made the faces and all of the pieces to go with them, but still had to make the spinner.
  • After making the funny face game, Lyric, Cadence and I ended up all on the bed. She jumped on the bed for a while. Then she decided to be a hawk and try to get Cadence and I while we were hiding under the covers.
  • 11:45 Decided she wanted lunch or maybe it should be called a snack. She had apples and pretzels with peanut better. She watched Dora while she ate.
  • Story and I started to play goldfish, so Lyric left Dora to come join us. After we played goldfish then she went back to Dora.
  • 12:20 Left Dora to play with Cadence. After being in the bedroom for a little while, Lyric walked out wearing one of my bras and Cadence was wearing Daddy's pool flip flops. They paraded around and then went back into the bedroom.
  • A few minutes later they came out wearing toboggans.
  • Story started acting like a lion, so Lyric and Cadence ran away screaming.
  • 12:30 All three girls decided to have cookies and watch Barney.
  • 1:00 Daddy came home for lunch. She showed him her games and we finished the spinner.
  • After Daddy went back to work we decided to play the funny face game. It was a little slow moving ( I don't know if it was the game or playing with the little sisters), but she got mad in the middle and said it was the most boring game ever!
  • She took a stack of books into the bedroom to read alone.
  • After finishing her books she played Starfall on the computer for a little while.
  • She then decided to do some Yoga with their kids Yoga video. That lasted about 10 minutes:-)
  • She and Cadence decided to listen to some music and dance. She put on Alan Jackson. They sang, dance, and laughed.
  • After their dance session, she moved back to the computer. This time she read a story on Storyline Online.
  • 2:30 We all watched Martha Speaks together
  • 3:00 We watched Arthur.
  • 3:45 She played in her room. She came out wearing her backpack saying, "I'm a study girl and I study dinosaurs. Do you have any questions about dinosaurs?"

I stopped keeping track after that because technically her school day would be over. I completely trust unschooling and I know she is going to learn, but it is kind interesting to see it all written out and see how one interest flows into another. I think that is one of the biggest things about school that I think is so sad. Kiddos don't get to decide what activity is next. If they are doing something in school and it sparks an interest into doing something else they can't because they have to go with the flow of the teacher and the classroom. So, I guess Miss Lyric will continue to wear her life clothes while having a good time living and learning!

Monday, August 24, 2009


The girls and I were watching Martha speaks on one couch today while Cadence read books to Hokey Pokey Elmo on the other couch.
She had been sitting there reading for a good 10 minutes when she leaned over the arm of the couch, "MAMA! MAMA!"
I looked over and said, "Yes?"
She said, "READ BOOKS!" (I have no idea why she was yelling, but she was)
"You want to read me a book?" I asked.
"NO! pause, pause, look around.... At ully, Elmo read book."
I seriously almost fell off the couch, she really did just say 'actually'! She is not going to be two for 11 more days, she shouldn't be talking like that!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

So Sweet!

Story and I were eating ice cream and watching a movie she checked out from the library today. Cadence walked up, "What you eating?"
Story and I both said, "Ice Cream."
Cadence said, "I want some."
I started to ask if she wanted to share with me or if she wanted her own when Story interrupted by putting the spoon in Cadence's mouth, "I'll feed her."
She fed Cadence for a few minutes until Cadence decided she wanted her own.
So sweet!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Protein Please

Tonight Story and I were working at our computers. She said, "Mama, I'm hungry."
I said, "Okay Sweetie, what do you want to eat?"
She looked at me and said, "Something with protein in it."
"Um, okay, what would you like with protein in it?"
She said, "Just surprise me."
So I go into the kitchen and start making her macaroni and cheese. Yes, I know it doesn't have protein in it, but at 9:00 at night you tend to forget things like that...
She walked into the kitchen and I told her I was making her mac and cheese and it didn't have any protein in it. She looked at me and said, "What's protein?"
I suggested we add some ham, but she decided she just wanted something with milk in it, so I was covered:-)

Tie Dye Purse for Daddy

Story was doing a little painting tonight. She came running into the room, "Daddy I painted you a picture!"
"Okay," Daddy followed her into the dining room.
As she was walking, "It's a tie dye purse..."
Just what Daddy needed.

Na-Kin Please

Cadence had some pudding after lunch today. She walked in the office and said, "I need na-kin please."Baby Cadence, I would be more than happy to get you a napkin, but I don't think it would do much good:-) We decided to skip the napkin and head straight to the bath.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sleepy Heads

Devon and I took the girls to a parent tot swim this morning. It is amazing what an hour and a half in the water will do to the little people!
Cadence didn't even make it home before she was out. Poor baby slept in her wet swim suit!
Story Bell made it home and had some lunch. She was watching a movie after lunch, but she just couldn't hold out.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mud Bath

Miss Lyric decided to play in the mud this evening. The place that was the garden made a great place for a mud bath. I reminded her we were in a drought and she shouldn't be wasting water, but unfortunately she didn't listen:-)

Cinderella Loving Girl

Story LOVES Cinderella right now. She will watch it 20 times a day if she can. We have had a few funny Cinderella moments with our quirky girl lately.
This first one I started not to blog about because I know some people may find it offensive, but I think it is hilarious! The main reason for this blog is to capture our memories and this is something I would like to remember in 20 years, sorry if it offends you:-) The other day Story said, "Mama, do you know what Cinderella says instead of shit?" I knew I didn't hear her right, so I asked her to repeat herself. She said, "Cinderella doesn't say shit mama, do you know what she says?" I of course had no idea what she was talking about, so she explained it... "When the bells ring, she says, "Killjoy!" Glad to know Disney is keeping it clean.
Tonight we were watching Cinderella when Story started walking out of the room, "I'll be right back mama."
"Where are you going? Are you coming back?" (I have been known to sit and watch a children's movie for 10 to 15 minutes before realizing the child has lost interest and left, Devon has been known to watch an entire movie before realizing he is alone).
When she came back I asked her where she went. She showed me her teeth. She loves how white Cinderella and the Prince's teeth are, so she left in the middle of the movie to go brush.
Another time, while we were watching Story said, "Mama you know what is weird, at the stroke of midnight her shoes didn't turn back like everything else."
Yep, Story Bell you're right,"at the stroke of midnight"...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cracker Please

I was nursing Cadence at the desk today when Lyric walked in and asked me for a cracker.
Cadence shook her head no.
Lyric said, "Please."
Cadence unlatched and said, "I can't reach 'em."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lyric Has a Hot Flash

Grammy came and spent the day with us today. She has to go back to school/work next week, so she squeezed in a day of fun with us. Grammy has been having hot flashes lately and I have enjoyed making fun of her for it:-)
Devon and I were sitting in the office tonight and Lyric walked in. She had a weird look on her face and we asked what was wrong. As she started taking off her shirt she said, "I'm having a hot flash!"
Miss Lyric I hope you don't have to deal with that for quite a few years my dear:-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help! Help!

The big girls were gone to Mimi J's today and Baby Cadence got herself in a little predicament! All I could hear coming from the playroom was, "HELP, HELP!" She wasn't in distress or anything, I think she actually was enjoying herself. Not sure what she was doing to get this way, but it made for a fun time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You Know Your Baby Isn't a Baby Anymore When...

  • 1. She asks for a 'Na-Kin' when her face is dirty.
  • 2. You tell her you don't feel good and she asks, "Noggin?"
  • 3. While playing on the bed and I pretended to bite her she said, "Charlie dat hurt!" (Her favorite YouTube video)
  • 4. While riding in the car she says, "I like dis song!" as she is dancing.
  • 5. When asked to help do something she says things like, "I love to."
  • 6. She could actually be in a playgroup for cooking and science playdates.
  • 7. When mommy says,"What?" because she hears her say, "Mama," while she is playing. She says, "Not real mama!"
  • 8. She wants a particular towel after her bath. When you find it she says, "That work."
  • 9. She goes to the potty by herself. (The girls carried their bathroom stool into the kitchen and I heard Cadence bringing it back into the bathroom. I thought she was going to use it to dump out the barrettes or get the lotion, so I just listened... I hear her say, "I'm going potty," as she sits on the potty. I ask if she needs my help and she says, "I got it." I listen and wait. She comes out of the bathroom and says hands because she needs help washing her hands. She peed, wiped and flushed!)
  • 10. She can wear pig tails. How stinkin' cute is she!?!

Monday, August 10, 2009

National Chocolate Chip Day

So, National Chocolate Chip Day was on August 4th and we missed it. That is just too good of a holiday to miss, so we celebrated today.
We did some math: counted the chocolate chips, added, subtracted and even did some dividing. Of course, we didn't use any of those terms we just did it all while we were playing and eating them.
We did some science, but we called it magic. We talked about how the chips were solid then we put a few in the palm of our hand, closed it and danced around the living room. We danced to Have Another Beer in Mexico, Lyric's choice. When the song was over we said some magic words and opened our palms. They were amazed it was liquid.
I don't know what kind of magic Cadence did? Her chocolate chips started out in one palm, but in the end the melted chocolate was on both?We talked about other things that go from a solid to a liquid and played with ice.
We then microwaved some chocolate and dipped strawberries in it, YUM! We microwaved some ice to see how long it would take it to melt.
Of course, we made cookies. We baked Chocolate Chip Crispers from a recipe in a book, Bake the Best-Ever Cookies, we got from the library.
While we were waiting on the cookies to bake Lyric asked if we could talk about things that change. She said, "I was just explaining to Cadence how the leaves on the trees change from green to brown before they fall off." So we spent a little time discussing change.
Then we enjoyed our cookies, they were really good!
Learning or playing... is there a difference?
* I learned about National Chocolate Chip Day from Universal Preschool. Diane Flynn Keith has this great site that supports the idea that you can use the universe to teach/learn. On her site she has a free calendar that has some great ideas for things to learn and do with preschoolers. She also has a version of this calendar that you can purchase that includes many other activities. I haven't purchased it, but when/if I do I will be sure and let you know how it is.*

Funny Things the Girls Said Today

Just a few little funnies from our day: Cadence took a bath this morning and brought me her clothes to put on. She held them up and said, "Dis perfect?" I got her a pull up and she smelled the flowers on it, "Delicious!"
Lyric saw Cadence dressed after her bath, "You look smokin' hot!" (I have no idea where she heard that from?)
The girls were gluing some small beads on paper today. I didn't want it all over the floor, so I had them outside on the picnic table. Story came storming up to me, "THE WIND IS MAKING MY MASTERPIECE BLOW!"

Muffin Tin Monday- Planes, Trains and Automobiles

We haven't done MTM in awhile, so I went over to Her Cup Overfloweth
to see if there was a theme for today. I wasn't feeling too creative, so I asked the girls if they wanted to help. Lyric wanted to help, Story wanted to be surprised, and Cadence could care less;-)

Lyric and I decided to do automobiles. We came up with: (top to bottom) a stop light--red-tomato, yellow/orange-peach, green-pickles, car ham sandwich, windshield wipers and snow- carrots and ranch, snow covered wheels-frozen bananas

Lyric was so cute taking it over to Story and telling her what each thing was. I wish I had taken a picture.

There is no theme next week, so get creative and see what you can come up with. Be sure to go post your link.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lyric Holds Another Election

Lyric was out campaigning again today. I am not real sure when the actual election is, but she has been hitting the trail pretty hard.
She walked up with her clip board and crayon in hand, "Excuse me, I was wondering if you are going to vote for me, Barack Obama, or John McCain."
I asked what she stood for and she looked at me like I had two heads, so I changed the question to, "Why should I vote for you? What are you going to be doing?"

Her answer: Well, 1) There will be no homework on Saturdays. (Funny coming from someone who has never had homework-any day of the week.)

2) The bridge will be fixed. (I'm not sure what bridge she was talking about, but fixed bridges are always a good thing.)

3) It will snow everyday. (Darn, my own child a "real" politician--Making promises she can't keep.)

4) There shall be a skating area downtown. (There shall be... okay?)

I told her I would vote for her because we agree on three out of four issues. I know she can't keep the promise to make it snow everyday. To be honest I really don't want it to snow everyday, so it will be okay with me if she doesn't keep that one. I am sure this is going to be a close race. I will let you know the outcome when it is over.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Caba and KK Come to Visit

Caba and KK came to visit today. The girls were SO excited! Lyric sat by the window for a good 30 minutes waiting. They finally arrived and we all went out to eat at Wild Fire the food was awesome! We had never been, but will definitely be going back.
After we ate we decided to walk over to the library.
Lyric and KK had some deep book discussion.
Cadence decided to take a few pictures while we were there. She attempted to get one of Caba, but she missed. Got him this time!She sort of got one of Daddy. The girls talked KK into going on a Safari in the jeep. The girls decided to hitch rides on the way back to the car. Caba, KK and Daddy were more than happy to oblige.

After the library, we went to Target for a little shopping then went to the park for a while.

We had a great visit and can't wait to go to Tyler for a visit.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Foreclosure= Clothes All Over the Floor?

The other night Devon, Lyric, and I were watching Wayne Dyer on PBS. I had my head in Devon's lap and she had her head in my lap. We were all just laying there enjoying the show. He started talking about foreclosure and she raised her head up and looked around the room, "That's just like this house clothes everywhere!" I have never had to try so hard to keep a straight face!

Tomato Theif

When I got home from grocery shopping this week Cadence wanted me to hold her. I gave her the job of putting the fruits and vegetables away to keep her busy. She did an awesome job; if you don't mind a few bruises. She threw everything in the drawers.
Tonight when Devon was making dinner he pulled out three Roma tomatoes. They each had a bite taken out of them. My helper must have been hungry;-)

Little Miss Organization

Today I walked into the girls' room and Story Bell was reorganizing the closet. She had clothes hanging EVERYWHERE!
They were hanging on one of the bedroom doors.They were handing on the other bedroom door.They were hanging on the grocery basket. They were hanging on the baby cradle.They were hanging on the trashcan and the toy box.They were hanging on the dress-up clothes hamper.They were hanging on the closet door and the kitchen.They were hanging on a chair brought in from the dining room because there was nowhere else to hang them. She does this sort of thing about once a week. It is either her closet or her drawer. Sometimes she finishes, sometimes she doesn't. Remember, ALWAYS organize your closet in the nude! You don't want to leave something without a place.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Curly Hair Girl

One day while we were at Grammy's story decided she wanted curly hair. So we washed, blow dried and curled her hair. I was shocked she sat through it all, but she did. The curls lasted about 15 minutes and then she just had a matted hairspray mess.

Swim Lessons Are Over

Tonight I realized I never posted about the end of swim lessons. The girls all did awesome and "passed" to the next level. The last night all of the kids were going down the slide, so our instructor asked the babies if they wanted to slide. Addison said she did (she went down the week before) and Cadence said she did. I was shocked! Cadence is not real big on slides of any kind, much less water slides. But she said she wanted to go, so I said, "Okay."
We got to the top of the slide and it was our turn. She started saying, "Mama first, mama first." I had not planned on going down the slide, but I did. A lifeguard stayed at the top and helped her down. She did it. I have no pictures or video, but I may try to post some from Grammy the next time we are at her house.
* I know you will be anxiously waiting for the video of me going down the slide...yes, she has it and no it will not be posted;-)

Target Savings

Devon worked long hours on Sunday and Monday, so today when he got home I needed a break. I decided to go over to Target and see what kind of deals I could find. Nothing makes this overworked SAHM feel better than some really cheap/ free stuff!

This is what I got:

3- Tide one load detergents

2- Boxes of 8ct Poptarts

1- Healthy Choice Meal

1- Box 64 ct Kotex

1- Nexcare travel size princess band aids

Grand Total: $1.11 Savings: 18.74

Came home recharged and ready to get back to work;-)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pampered Chef Giveaway

Today is the last day to enter the giveaway at my new favorite blog. Tiffany over at My Litter of Six is giving away three Pampered Chef bowls. Check out her blog. It is awesome! She will have you saving lots of $$$ in no time at all! Anyone who has six children and a grocery budget of $400.00 must be doing something right!