Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Jokesters

The girls love telling jokes, especially in the car.  Much of the time, they make no sense, but we always get a good life from their efforts.

Cadence's usually go something like this:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Nose who?
Nose Tree
And then she LAUGHS like it was the funniest thing ever.
Lyric and Story's aren't quite so silly.
Recently, Story and Cadence told a couple of really cute ones.
What did the grass say to the moose?
Why are you standing on my buttocks?

What did the horse say when he went to the store?
I better stay in my buttget.
Funny girls!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Yesterday we celebrated Easter.  I think it was our first time to celebrate with just the five of us.  Devon thinks we did last year right after we moved, but I don't have any pictures of us celebrating or memories of it, so I don't know if it happened?  I know last year we celebrated with Grammy and Caba and KK right before our move, but I think we skipped the actual day because we were knee deep in boxes.
The girls were very excited to color eggs!  We had one in her princess crown, one in her "Easter" dress, and
 one in her pajamas.  You just never know what the attire is going to be around here.  At least the all had their clothes on!
 Daddy joined in on the coloring.
 The little kit we bought had shrinky dinks for the eggs.  They liked watching it sick to the egg as it heated up.

 Lyric dyed most of hers two colors.
 Daddy drew a heart on one of his.

 Let the hunting begin!  I didn't buy baskets because I think it is a waste.  I was going to get the girls sand pails instead, but they already have pails.  We just decided to use plastic bags. 
When we first walked out in the yard we could hear this loud siren noise.  I just ignored it thinking it was an alarm at a business or something, but then Devon informed me it was the tornado siren.  The weather was perfectly clear, but he went inside to check the weather channel just in case.  It was the tornado siren, but luckily the bad stuff was north of us.  So, we were able to finish our egg hunting:-)

 Lyric and Cadence liked running around and finding them, but Story chose a more methodical approach.  She would stand and spot the egg and then go and get it.  If she could get there before her sisters:-)

 Each of the girls found a money egg, so we walked over to Izzie's for some Italian Ice.

 Each of the girls had watermelon.  I am not usually a fan of watermelon, but it was really good!
 Devon had the mixed berry and I had peach mango-which oddly tasted like kiwi-yum!
 Story liked her watermelon, but was not happy when she spilled it on her arm!
 Daddy and the girls played ball while they waited for Story to finish.

We all had a great Easter and I hope you did too!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day Festival

Last year we had only lived in town for a few weeks when we attended the Earth Day festival.  It was our first event to attend in Nashville.  It was also our first time to go to Centennial Park.  
These three sweet little girls had no idea in just three short months their lives would change forever.
These two had no idea how special sharing a piece of corn with your sister can be.
 This little girl had no idea she would soon be fighting for her life.
 These two had no idea how close their sister bond would become with one saving the others life.
You never know what life is going to throw at, so take time to enjoy it all!  Take time to go to the Earth Day festival an share an ear of corn with you sister.  You never know when it could be you last chance to do it!
We went to Earth Day festival again this year.
 The girls all planted a seed.  Unfortunately, this was the first thing we did and I don't think their plants survived the ride in the wagon all day:-(  But they did enjoy planting them.
 They all had to have snow cones!

 It was windy!
 They enjoyed watching the Ballet Folklorico.

 Devon listened to a talk on composting while the girls made puppets.
 You can't go to a festival without corn on the cob!
 This year Story and Cadence each had their own.  It was so good!

 Devon and I had a veggie wrap.  There was a guy about five feet from us having a turkey leg.  I wondered what he would have said if he knew we were having tofu:-)
 The girls also shred some chicken strips.

 Cadence loved the drummers that played between the bands!
 Before leaving we found a face painter. 
 Story got a flower.
 She was so talented!  Cadence wanted a bird, so she copied the owl on her purse.  It was so cute!
Lyric decided on a sea turtle.
 The big girls rode in the wagon back to the car, so Cadence hitched a ride with me.
 We all had a great time, but there were lots of booths Devon and I didn't get to visit.  We have decided next year we will bring the kiddos in the morning and do the kid activities.  Then he and I will come back alone to visit all the booths and catch some of the bands.

Little Miss Teacher

Story is so patient with Cadence.  Today they played on PBS together.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Crafts

I saw an idea for paper mache Easter eggs on The Chocolate Muffin Tree.  We have never done paper mache before, so I thought it would be fun.
Cadence liked helping me mix the glue, but she was not happy when she got it on her hand.

We had a good time, but we still need to put more layers on.  I don't know if we will get them done before Easter...