Friday, December 28, 2012

House Full of Bakers

Last year we started a sugar cookie tradition at Grammy's.  This year we had 12 kiddos there!
They all lined up to have a turn adding ingredients and using the mixer.

 Addison has food allergies, so she had her own dough.  No one wanted to use the epipen, so we kept her far away from the other ingredients.
Tessa was there to help out.
 Everyone had fun picking out their cookie cutters and cutting out the cookies.

There was lots of icing and sprinkles for the decorating.

Good times and great memories!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Texas Part 3- More Fun at Mimi J's

Last year when we visited Texas it was freezing, so we went out for hot chocolate.  This year it was about 80 degrees, so we went to the park and went out for frozen yogurt:-)
Uncle Trent took us to a park where he and Zayden like to feed the ducks.  Unfortunately, the lake was pretty much gone and so were the ducks:-(  That's what happens with a Texas drought!

We didn't get to feed the ducks, but they did have a great playground.

I had a pretty good time watching Uncle Trent try too keep up with Zayden making sure he didn't fall off this huge contraption.

Let me just say, I think Zayden had much more fun on this thing than Uncle Trent did:-)
Story Bell loves the monkey bars!

Hanging from her arms wasn't good enough for monkey girl!
Z had a good time on the monkey bars too!

After the park we went out for yogurt.
After a fun day, all four of the munchkins took a dip in Uncle Brandon's tub.  Good times!
Cadence LOVES Liony, thanks Aunt Carolyn!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas in Texas Part 2- Mimi J's

Our first stop was Mimi J's house.  Well, before we actually made it to Mimi J's house we met Uncle Brandon and Katie for breakfast somewhere between Waco and Dallas.  They were on their way to Minnesota.  We celebrated Christmas on the 22nd with Mimi J, Ninny, Uncle Trent and Zayden.

Katie made us all scarves.

The daddies tried to help the little ones learn to use their new "tablets".
Lyric showed off Uncle Trent's cheesecake before she cut into it:-)
Cadence saw this snowman at a neighbor's and had to have a picture with it.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in Texas Part 1- The Drive

We made the trip to Texas for Christmas again this year.  We have found things go so much smoother when we travel at night, so we left shortly after dark.  The glow sticks from the dollar rack at Target- BEST INVESTMENT EVER!

Our drive was pretty uneventful, which is always a good thing when traveling with 3 children and a guinea pig!
We did have one hilarious event.  It was early in the morning after we had traveled all night.  The girls were watching movies on their little DVD players.  Story had her headphones on, but they weren't plugged in, so we could hear her movie.  She had no idea!  I tried to tell her, but she couldn't understand what I was saying, so we just left her alone.  Devon and I were dying because she really thought the sound was coming through the headphones.
We were probably all delirious by this time of the trip:-)