Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had Christmas, but there are very few pictures to prove it! We took a few at Grammy's, but we didn't take a single picture of the loot Santa brought or any of the girls enjoying the loot!
My cousin Betty wanted a picture of the girls and amazingly they posed for her!
I even had time to grab my camera and snap a couple of pictures-- that rarely happens!
Logan and Leah didn't mind posing.
She even gave him a little lovin' while they were at it!
Grammy wanted a picture of all five grand kids, this is all we got:
I don't know if any of these can be considered as "good" ones, but these five cooperated longer than I thought they would:-)
I attempted to take a picture of my brother and his family but, Wade was too busy giving out kisses!
It was a busy holiday season, as usual! We had some good times, but are ready to get back to normal!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally a Trip to Tyler

We have been trying to make a trip to Tyler for over a YEAR now! We finally made it this weekend. We checked out the state park while we there. We would love to go back and camp, it was a really nice park!
The girls had a good time running around in the sun. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!
Cadence had to play in the water. I love the way that little hand is holding on to Caba's.
Lyric spent some time screaming at the turtles, "JUMP OFF THE LOG! TURTLES, JUMP IN THE WATER!"
Uncle Brandon accompanied us on the trip. I was a little worried about him traveling all that way with us, but I don't think it was too bad for him:-)
The girls had a good time at the park!
Taylor helped Cadence on the monkey bars.
Story hitched a ride with Daddy!
Uncle Brandon and Lyric scoped the place out.
Cadence did a little jumping with Caba and KK
After we left the park we checked out the zoo. The girls had a good time checking out all the animals. Triston carried Cadence most of the time.
Lyric checking out a lion.
We had Christmas while we were there, but of course there are no pictures of that part:-) It was a quick trip, but a good one!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Little Miss Hollywood

I'm not real sure where she was going, but she was all decked out!
Too cute!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Lyric decided she wanted to help cook tonight. We were having Chicken Caesar Wraps. She really enjoyed cutting up the chicken:-)
Are you impressed, she was half dressed?
The final product turned out pretty yummy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have to start off by saying I didn't get ANY good pictures on Halloween! We spent the weekend at Grammy's and on the 30th we went to the George Bush Museum to Trick or Treat there. We had a cowgirl, Cinderella and a baby. The girls played outside why we waited in the VERY long line to get in the museum.
Cadence had a good time playing in the fountain. She lost her horse and hat just minutes after we arrived!
Cinderella's crown kept her occupied while we waited.
Luckily, the baby had her pacifier.
On Halloween, we took the girls trick or treating. Poor Cadence, slept through it all! Next year, I will have to do better with the camera:-)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Muffin Tin

Today we did our Halloween Muffin Tin Monday. Go over to Her Cup Overfloweth to check out other Halloween MTMs.

From Left to Right: pumpkin chip, grave yard (avocado with chips for grave stones), grave yard (avocado with chips for grave stones), ghost chip, skeleton brains-applesauce, bat chips, skeleton brains- applesauce, jack o lantern cookie, jack o lantern pbj, jack o lantern pbj, jack o lantern cookie

We made cookies this morning and we hadn't decorated them, so our jack o lanterns were plain. I know the skeleton brains were a stretch, but I had two empty holes to fill:-)

The chips were really yummy and easy to make. Just cut shapes out of tortillas, brush both sides with oil and bake in the broiler until brown. Sprinkle with salt.

The girls enjoyed their tin!

Halloween Cookies

The girls and I decided to make Halloween cookies today. The big girls bailed at the last minute, so it was just Cadence and I. We were about to get started and I realized I didn't have the camera. I had all of the ingredients laid out and I really didn't want to come back to a broken egg on the floor or flour thrown everywhere, so I told her to put her hands on her head. This is what I saw when I came back into the room.
Yes, I do know she is naked and she is sitting on my counter. That is just how we roll around here. She is getting to be quite the little egg cracker! But she does HATE getting it on her hands!

She had a really good time with the mixer, as long as I had my hand on it too. If I let go she would all of a sudden be terrified of it. She had to lick the spatula, that is the best part isn't it? Sisters rejoined us when it was time to cut the cookies out. We made ghosts, bats, pumpkins, and black cats. Everybody used the rolling pin. After baking it was time to put the icing on. Each girl picked a color. Lyric chose orange, Story chose purple and Cadence picked blue. Such festive Halloween colors:-)

Lyric's Masterpiece

Cadence would put a little but of icing and say, "Mama, I can eat it now?" The finished products. Enjoying the fruit of our labor!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Piece of My Tooth Fell Out!

Miss Lyric lost her tooth! The girls and I were all sitting on a blanket watching a movie when it happened. Lyric was eating pretzels and she had a rag that she would wipe her tooth with between bites. It had been bleeding a little and was bothering her. I don't know if it was a pretzel or the rag, but she looked up and yelled, "A piece of my tooth fell out!" I looked down at the tiny little tooth and said, "That isn't a piece of your tooth that is the whole tooth!" She was REALLY excited!
We then had to write a letter to the tooth fairy:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I wonder where you get all your stuff like the money and if you have any lollipops, those too. And if you have any other stuff that you might get. Could you please get me a pet and can I keep my tooth? Will you still get me a surprise? And not a messy pet please.
Signed and Love,
Lyric (at the Cox family house--it is a white pinkish color with a white roof in Georgetown, Texas)
The tooth fairy left her $5.00 and this note:
Dear Lyric,
Congratulations for losing your first tooth! I am sorry I couldn't bring you a pet, but I don't have much room to carry that sort of thing. Here is $5.00 and you get to keep your tooth!
The Tooth Fairy
P.S. I had a hard time finding your pillow behind the couch, next time will you please leave it out in the open:-) Thanks!
(She put her tooth pillow behind the couch so her sisters wouldn't mess with it and she forgot to set it out.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

We Need a Tooth Fairy Pillow

Miss Lyric has a loose tooth! I did some research and found an easy tutorial for a tooth fairy pillow. It turned out pretty cute.
* I can't find the website right now, but when I do I will put a link for it.

Archeology Day

We had an AMAZING day at Berry Springs park today! They were having an archeology day with lots of activities for the kiddos. The best part is that it was free, even hot dog lunch!
We started out petting ponies. Lyric and Cadence both pet and brush them. Story wasn't in a pony kind of mood.
The girls then wanted to go over to the play scape. Daddy and I were not really in the mood for the play scape! They had all of these great activities going on and we wanted to check them out, but unfortunately the activities were for the little people, so we had to follow their lead:-)
Cadence climbed up this latter and then asked that I take her picture. Too cute!
Daddy and Story spotted this flower bush with about ten butterflies on it. They were so beautiful.
Story didn't care too much for the butterflies, but she did get a picture of this dragonfly.
Lyric spotted and caught this baby frog. He was SO little. We played with him a bit and then set him free.
She then caught a ladybug.
We headed back to the play scape so the girls could get a monkey bar lesson.
The Native American dancers started and that helped us get away from the play scape and back to the activities.
We visited a Comanche tepee that was set up with things from that time period. Story and Cadence were so cute carefully walking around the mock fire and pots "cooking."
There was an awesome storyteller spinning some Native American tales.
While walking around Miss Lyric caught a caterpillar. She and Story played with it awhile until it pooped on them!
Lyric and Story both made pictographs on rocks. Cadence drew Daddy.
We then headed over to grid some corn. At first the big girls didn't want to participate, but Cadence was insistent... "I want to make some corn!" She and Story ended up trying it. First, they had to get the kernels off the cob.
Then they had to grind it. What hard work!
I'm thankful we don't do it that way today!
They got to keep their ground corn.
We're going to feed it to the birds or squirrels.
We made Indian Rattles. They basically consisted of a Y shaped stick that had beads across the middle that rattles when you shake it. The girls started out making them, but the projects were soon passed onto Daddy and I.
Cadence didn't make a rattle, but she had a good time playing with feathers!
Story Bell did a little dance with her rattle.
They had a station set up to do a mock archeology dig. The girls had lots of fun sifting through the dirt! Daddy had lots of fun talking with the archaeologists! We stopped by to pet the donkeys on our way to the car. We finally learned their names today, JJ and Poco (I think).
Anyway, the highlight of the day for Miss Lyric was getting a picture taken with the a Polaroid camera. The boy scouts were taking pictures for donations and she said, "That camera was the coolest thing ever! Look the picture is just right here! See we have the picture!"
Overall, we all had a great time!