Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dr Seuss Day 2- The Lorax

Today we continued our Dr Seuss celebration.  We read The Lorax, painted pictures of truffula trees and ended the night watching The Lorax.  
This was actually my first time to read the book.  We all enjoyed it.
I found this idea on Pinterest.  I thought their pictures were really cute and knew the girls would enjoy doing it!
They painted their backgrounds with watercolors and then we painted their fingers for the trunks.
Lyric wanted to go with the more traditional trunk of brown.

 Story decided to copy the book and go with yellow and black.
 Cadence also went with yellow and black trunks.
 Surprisingly, Cadence wanted to do her picture when all but one of the trees were gone and the sky was covered in smog.
After we did our trunks it was time to stamp on our treetops.

 We did all the painting this morning and then Devon helped them add to their pictures this afternoon.
Story printed out a picture of the Once ler.
 Lyric added the line from the book, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. its not."  She also added "Save the trees!"
 Cadence added The Lorax and The Once ler and, " Don't chop down trees.  Trees are good for the planet.  Hear my pleas."
The pictures turned out really cute and we had fun working on them!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dr Seuss Day 1- Green Eggs and Ham

Dr Seuss' birthday is on Saturday, so we have decided to celebrate all this week.  This morning we started off by having green eggs and ham for breakfast.  We also had some star shaped toast in honor of The Sneeches.  Did you know you can make green eggs without food coloring?  Yep, just defrost some frozen blueberries and add a little of the juice.
Our little omnivores, Story and Cadence, had ham.
 Lyric and I just had the eggs and toast.  (You know, she only eats ham at Subway)
 Cadence had no interest in trying the eggs!  They were too weird for her!  She did give the ham a thumbs up.
 Lyric liked it!
 Cadence liked the ham so much she had two pieces.  She doesn't get ham very often around here.
 Story liked it too!
 Marlo and Raleigh were coming over for a playdate this afternoon, so I thought this snack would be fun to have.  I found it on Pinterest, of course!  It was just pretzels with white chocolate and a green M&M.
 We all thought they were yummy!

I will try to post our activities everyday this week.  We plan to have lots of Dr Seuss fun!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Little Mountin Climbers

Story decided she wanted to go mountain climbing tonight.  Of course, little sister had to join her.
She made a huge pile of blankets and pillows.
 I LOVE that they thought to put on their safety gear!  Gotta have those boots and helmets:-)
 On a totally unrelated note--we made blueberry donuts in our mini donut maker this morning.  They were so yummy!  We used this recipe, but we used egg replacer and rice milk.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hiking at Bell's Bend

Today we went hiking at Bell's Bend.  We've been wanting to go to this park for awhile.  I have to admit it wasn't one of my favorites.  It was mostly just flat land with very few trees.  
Cadence walked about 3o feet and decided she needed to hitch a ride with Daddy.
Sisterly love!
 Cadence and Story were keeping their eyes out for tracks.  They discovered some dog tracks that they had a great time tracking!
 They lagged pretty far behind us because they were studying the tracks.  They also saw some deer tracks, but they weren't as exciting as the dog tracks!
 I love this picture!  If you look closely you can see her journal in her hand.  She kept letting it slide in front of Devon's face because she was busy looking through her binoculars.  Too cute!

 We eventually made our way to the creek.  It was lots of fun to explore.
 Cadence and Story wanted to get in, but I convinced them it was a little too cold for that.
 Miss Hollywood had to pose with the big metal pipe.
Its been a while since we have been hiking, so it was good to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Sarcasm or Not Sarcasm

So, we're sitting at the table having lunch today and Lyric made up a new game.

Lyric-"Hey, who wants to play a new game?  It's called Sarcasm or Not Sarcasm.  You say something and everyone else has to guess if you are being sarcastic or not.  I'll start..."  In her sweetest voice, "Mommy your hair looks SO pretty today."

Everyone looks at me and says "Sarcasm!"  Devon even crinkled up his nose when he said it. 

Lyric laughed and told them all they were right.

In my defense, it's Saturday and I don't plan to leave the house.  My hair doesn't need to look good for laundry and cleaning.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Three Month Clinic Visit

Story Bell had a clinic visit today.  While we waited she was being silly Ema, the elephant she sewed.
The visit was pretty uneventful, which is a good thing!  They drew her blood to check her counts and we saw the doctor.  Everything looks great!  We will be heading back in May for hopefully another uneventful checkup!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Itchy Girl

So, the day before yesterday Cadence walked up and said she was itching.  I raised up her shirt and saw a rash on her back.  It wasn't really that bad, just kind of red and splotchy.  We thought she was having some sort of allergic reaction to something outside.  She had been outside playing in the grass, so we just figured that's what it was.  I told her I would buy her some Benadryl on my way home from work.
That night we gave her the Benadryl.  The itching stopped, but the rash didn't go away.  The next day she still had a slight rash and was itching a little, so we gave her more Benadryl.  Devon and I thought about taking her to the doctor, but the Benadryl made the itching stop and the rash was just read and splotchy.  So we thought it would eventually go away.
Well, last night she walked up and said she was itching and this is what I saw...

 I freaked out a little and thought about taking her to the emergency room!  The rash was everywhere and puffy and really itchy!  We gave her more Benadryl and planned to call the doctor first thing this morning.

 This morning it was still there.  On the way to the doctor I tried to think what could be causing it.  I was trying to remember what she had eaten thinking she had all of a sudden started having some food allergy.  
We went to the doctor and the nurse took her temperature and weight.  She asked about her symptoms and I told her it was just the rash.  She told us to head to the examination room and said she was going to follow us in with a strep test.  I thought, "Strep test?--Why?"  But she did the test and sure enough when the doctor came in a few minutes later she said it was positive.
Have you ever heard of strep throat causing a rash?
It was so weird!  Cadence hasn't complained of a sore throat at all just being itchy.
 This puppy I found for 75%off when I was buying her meds made her feel somewhat better!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ema the Elephant

Story has always enjoyed sewing.  So, I bought her a stuffed animal pattern for her birthday.  I have never sewn a stuffed animal, so this was a learning experience for both of us!
We have been working on it off and on for about a month now.  Tonight we finally finished him.
I didn't get any pictures of Story sewing it because sits between my legs, so I can help guide the fabric.
But I did get some of her adding the stuffing.
 That's the most fun part, right?!?
 All done!
 It turned out really cute! 
 When we first started this project she said she was going to sew one to donate to the hospital, but this little guy took us so long to complete I'm not sure if that is still her plan.

Cadence decided to join in on the sewing fun.  She cut pieces of felt and pinned them together for me to sew.  She made herself a cute little man.  Too cleaver:-)