Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Faith Meadow!

Faith celebrated her 6th birthday today with a pool party. I made her a hooded towel with her name on the back. They had the party at a cute pool with a water slide for the kiddos.Grammy swam with the girls.Happy Birthday Faith!

Radio Fights

This morning the girls and I headed to Bryan for Faith Meadow's birthday party this afternoon. Our usual fight in the car is over the radio. Lyric LOVES to listen to the radio (commercials and all). While Story likes CDs usually Between the Lions CD that they got from Chick Fil A. I just tell them there is one radio and two girls, so they need to tell me what to do so they will both be happy. This usually works. They discuss it and decide what will make them both happy: listen to the radio for X amount of minutes and then a CD for the same amount of time or listen to a CD on the way and the radio on the way back... that sort of thing. Well, today we had a new player in the mix! We got in the car and Story asked to listen to Girls Just Want to Have Fun one a KidzBop CD they got from McDonald's. I put it in and when it was over Lyric asked for the radio-sure. NOT--Cadence did not want to hear the radio and she stared screaming, "GRLS, GRLS!" What, you don't want the radio, what are you saying? "GRLS, GRLS!" She wanted to hear Girls Just Want to Have Fun again. Lyric said okay. So, I told Cadence we could listen to it one more time, but then it was Lyric's turn to hear the radio. We listened to it one more time and then turned on the radio. She threw a fit! "GRLS, GRLS, I want GRLS!" I tried ignoring her because I really didn't know how to reason with her. After a good five minutes of her screaming and crying Lyric told me to just turn Girls Just Want to Have Fun back on. I did and we listened to it on repeat for a good thirty minutes before she fell asleep. Shouldn't you be at least two years old before you get a say in the radio?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Car Washers

Devon and the girls decided to wash the car this morning. Baby Cadence wanted to help. Not sure if she happened to be naked at the time or if she wanted to wash herself with the car.Miss Lyric was all business! Everyone worked hard to make the car shine (well, everyone, but me--I'm not real big on the whole car washing thing).I LOVE this picture of the girls! The way their little heads are stair steps and their little pot bellies sticking out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Family Fun Night

Tonight we decided to go to Kaleidoscope Toys Friday Family Fun Night, They were having magician Kent Cummins. Lyric had a free meal at Cici's that she got for the summer reading program, so we went to eat and then headed to the toy store. We got there early and looked around for a while. The girls had a blast playing with the Groovy Girls dolls. Daddy thought he may be enjoying the magic show alone because they didn't want to leave the dolls:-)The magician was really good. Lyric really liked it. Cadence and Story didn't last long before they headed back to the toys.Cadence found a baby that cried like a real baby. She carried it around most of the night.Not a bad night $12.00 to feed a family of five and five canned goods to enjoy a magic show.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hungry Girl, Rinses Her Own Toothbrush

Tonight Devon made us some eggs and biscuits for dinner.  The girls weren't hungry when we ate, so they just played.  Later this evening I was sitting at the computer and I guess she got hungry.  She came up to me carrying this:
Yes, that is a container of left over peas.  I followed her into the kitchen and she climbed back into the refrigerator and found a container of leftover mashed potatoes.  I asked her if she wanted me to heat them up.  She just said, "Cold, cold!"
I asked her again because that is just gross!  She started getting a little angry and she yelled, "Cold!"  
I let her taste the cold potatoes because I thought she would change her mind and want it heated.  Nope.
So for dinner tonight she had cold peas and cold mashed potatoes.  Yummy:-)
Apparently, after I walked out of the room Lyric decided to take a few pictures.
Silly, silly girls!
Tonight Cadence and I took a shower together.  When we got out we both brushed our teeth.  I usually brush mine while she brushes hers and then I help her brush them.
Well, tonight I brushed.  She brushed.  I rinsed mine in the sink.  She rinsed hers in the toilet.  Tonight I didn't help her brush hers and we will be toothbrush shopping tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Z Comes to Visit

Aunt Kristin had a hair appointment today, so Baby Zayden came and spent the day with us.  The girls and I were at the library when he got here, so Uncle Devon got to spend some time with him.
He and Cadence played together pretty good.  Except she didn't really like sharing very much.  He would get a toy and she would say, "No, no, no."  It was cute because she would say it in a sweet way like a grandma telling their grandkid not to touch something.  He didn't seem to mind her too much:-)
She really liked his lunch!  She started out trying to help feed him, but then decided to share with him.
He liked feeding himself and didn't need her help!
Sweet dirty face boy!  He did get the red mark on the forehead while he was here.
I don't want you to feed me, but I'll feed you.
They had a really good time playing piano together!
The girls liked having him around today.  Almost makes me wish they had a brother... almost:-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Big Sister to the Rescue

I was sitting at the table clipping coupons this afternoon. When I heard Story start to cry and come into the room. She said Cadence hit her in the eye with her train. Cadence had been playing with the train in the room with me a little while before this happened, so I'm thinking maybe Story was trying to take the train when Cadence whacked her:-) She told me to kick Cadence out of the room so she could play. I explained to her that I couldn't just kick Cadence out of the room. She was playing in there first. Lyric heard what was going on. She walked up to Story and put her arm around her, "Come on Story tell me what's up. I will fix it." They walked off together and ended up in a different room playing, so I guess Big Sister fixed it.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

It's June 20th, not too early for the Christmas tree, right? I was doing the dishes tonight when Lyric came into the house crying like she lost her best friend. She said Daddy wouldn't let her bring in the Christmas tree because it was June. I told her to go and tell Daddy calendars were overrated. Being the wonderful Daddy he is he climbed in the attic and pulled the tree down. (Yes, we know we are nuts:-) 
So, the girls spent their night wrapping and opening presents. Luckily, they fell asleep before we got to the decorating part of the tree. Daddy and I took it down and put it back in the attic in hopes that everyone would forget about it until about November. Miss Lyric asked about it this morning, but I told her since they opened their presents last night we thought they were done playing Christmas. I am happy to say she didn't push the issue and we will not be having a tree up in our living room for the next six months.

Small Town Life

We love living in Georgetown!  It seems like such a small town.  Devon heard on the radio that they were going to be having a parade to kick off the rodeo, so we walked down to the square this morning to check it out.  I am from a pretty small town, but we either never had parades or never went to parades except the Christmas parade.  So, everytime I go to a parade I feel like Santa is going to be at the end of it.  It was like 104 degress this morning, so I could clearly tell it was not the Christmas season!  But in the middle of the parade I found myself thinking of old St. Nick.
The girls had a really good time! 
We saw the Ft Hood calvary.
Of course there were some old cars there.
I was actually surprised at how long the parade was.  It was the perfect size: not too short where we wondered why we went, but not too long where the kids lost interest.
Story Bell waving to the floats.
We didn't get a picture of Baby Cadence standing, but she chose to wear a dress that Story Bell handed down to her recently.  She was looking FANCY!
Now if that doesn't look like small town America I don't know what does!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Miss Lyric's Photography Skills

While Lyric and I were waiting on Mimi J this afternoon (yes, because I am a goober!)  She decided to take a few pictures.  She was playing around with the timer setting on the camera trying to do a self portrait.
Oops, cut off the chin.
Can clearly tell she is holding the camera in this one.
It was hanging from the rear view mirror and still moving when she took this one.
She got her whole face here, but she thought there was too much sun in the picture.
Neck shot.
Finally a good one.  It could easily be cropped to cut Cadence's feet out:)
After she got one of herself that she liked.  She decided to include me in the game.
Good times!

I Am Turing Into My Mother--No Not in a Good Way

So, for YEARS I have made fun of my mother for her absentmindedness!  She has to make a list for everything.  She walks into a room and doesn't remember what she was going in the room for.  She has been known to put clothes in the dryer, but when she returns to take them out they are still wet.  You get the picture.  
Well, I make a list for everything.  I have been known to walk into a room and need to go back where I thought of the reason for going into the room to try to remember it.  I am not even going to admit how many times I have forgotten to turn on my dryer!
Today was probably one of the worse things I have done.  No, I didn't forget one of my children!  As far as I know my mom never did that either.
Mimi J called and asked the girls if they wanted to come and spend the night.  They did, so she said she would meet us at 2:30 at the usual place.  At about 2:00 I loaded the girls up and we headed out to meet her.  Around 2:20 she called and said she was going to be late (surprise, surprise:-).  I said no big deal Story and Cadence were sleeping, so Lyric and I would just hang out.  Well, about 2:40 she called and said she was at Burger King and couldn't find me.
Well, she couldn't find me because I was at McDonald's the "usual" place we would meet at before we moved 4 months ago!  Pretty bad I know,  but what is even worse I had to drive by Burger King to get to McDonald's. 
You know they say a woman's mind shrinks when she is pregnant, but what I am wondering is does it ever get back to normal?  Also, if it doesn't what about when you have three kids, does it shrink more with each one?  
I blame it on the the children now, but someday soon I will be able to blame it on age:-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Avocado Plant

Does anyone know anything about growing an avocado?  We don't, so I guess I will be googling it.  The girls and I put a seed in a jar a long time ago!  I don't even remember when we did it.  Well, it grew into a plant.  It was actually really cool to see.  Today we decided to plant it.
I guess we will just watch it now and see what happens.
Yes, we do just about everything around here nude or with very little clothes on.
Well, I had my clothes on:-) 
We'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Reading

The girls and I have been spending a lot of time at the library this summer.  They have programs for the kids every Tue, Wed and Thur.  We have seen a musician, Mad Science and today we saw a storyteller.  I gave Cadence my camera to keep her busy during the performance, so this picture was taken by her. 
 She took about 47 others, but most were of her feet or the people around her.  The girls made bandannas after the performance. 
 They didn't have enough bandannas for all of the kiddos, so Cadence didn't make one.  She just ran around the library with no shoes on like a little heathen
  A cute little heathen!  
They liked showing off their bandannas.
They have a couple of new things at the library.  Lyric posed as a cowgirl.
Everyone drove the jeep.