Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blanket in the Floor

Someone left a blanket in the floor...
and that someone is still there!
Poor little Baby Cadence loves to stay up late, but sometimes you jut have to give in to sleep!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Date With Daddy/ Date With Mommy

Story's counts are low, so she and Daddy decided to plan a date at home today. The girls and I needed something to do, so I asked Story if it would be okay with her if we went to the zoo. We had been planning to go and get a family membership the last time she had to go into the hospital. She said it was fine with her (that kid is SO easy going!). She and Daddy stayed home together and had a great time! They had a tea party, watched Cinderella, ate lunch, played some games and even made homemade play dough to surprise sisters.
Meanwhile, sisters and I went to the zoo. What was I thinking? Seriously!!! There are two things very wrong with the decision to go to the zoo: 1. It is August and it is HOT! I don't do well with heat and neither to my children! We gripe and complain and wonder why anyone would be out in it if the had a choice. 2. It was a Saturday. Seriously!!! We don't do stuff like go to the zoo on a Saturday! That is one reason we home school, so we can go to the zoo on Tuesday morning while everyone else is at school and work. We don't do well with crowds of people!
We really had a good time at the zoo, but next time we will be visiting in the middle of the week when it is cooler! Hopefully, Daddy and Story will be with us!
Here we have Miss Hollywood and Cadence
Cadence had her head turned toward the camera, but her eyes were looking somewhere else. I kept trying to get her to look. This is her, 'I am looking at the camera Mama, take the blank picture' look.
Cadence wanted me to take a picture of this zebra, so I had to include it.
They have to coolest playground! I got the girls to pose by this hippo and Cadence was starring at someone or something.
She didn't even realize Lyric was gone and I had already taken the picture, so I got to take another of just her. This time she actually looked and smiled!
They had a pretty cool contraption for the kiddos to climb through.
Lyric had to come back and help Cadence.
They then decided they were going to climb across this huge rope bridge.
This is how they started out and I didn't think there was anyway they would make it through!
They decided to split up or maybe Lyric decided she didn't want Cadence dragging her down. In this picture Cadence is saying, "Mama, you come with me. I'm scared!"
Lyric started to make some progress and Cadence realized Mama really wasn't coming.
She got to this point and stilled yelled for me to come because she was scared.
They eventually made it to the end. There was a little ten year old girl who helped them towards the end. I don't think she had to help them much physically, but I could hear her giving them pep talks along the way.
After we played, we ended our day at the zoo and went out to eat some pizza.
We told Daddy and Story about the cool play ground and how we couldn't wait to take them next time!

At Home Antibiotics

Story Bell had to be admitted to the hospital this weekend. She had a fever and we found out she had an infection in one of her lines. They started antibiotics in the hospital and sent us home to finish them out.
I was a little nervous about it at first, but it ended up being no big deal. We just hook her up and she goes on about her day. An hour later we unhook her and flush her line.
This day she decided to spend the hour coloring.
We will be done with the antibiotics on Wednesday.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Day at the Clinic

We decided to take the camera to the clinic this week. We started out the day upstairs at the clinic to have Story's blood drawn and be examined by the doctor. We were there for about two hours and then sent downstairs to the OR for her spinal tap.
Here she is waiting to be taken back for her procedure. Just reading a book with her Tag pen.
After her procedure we were sent back to the clinic to get our chemo and LOTS of fluid. She sat on my lap and watched TV for a while.
Daddy brought us pizza for lunch and then she tried to take a nap--it didn't work out too well.
Towards the end of the day she ventured over to check out the dancing animals.
She had to try them all out! (We're are going to have to buy this nurse some new batteries;-)
I think Mr. Moose was her favorite. Probably reminded her of Bob with the camo and gun.
This particular day at clinic was really long! The chemo she received could damage the kidneys so she had to have lots of fluid with it. Between the TV, coloring, and eating she stayed pretty entertained.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun at the Park

Story's counts were up, so we decided to head to the park today. She hasn't done anything since she has gotten out of the hospital, so we figured a day at the park would do her some good! They played thumb wars on the way.
Which quickly turned into slap my sisters hand.
Cadence was just being Cadence.
We got to the park with our picnic and every duck and goose on the lake showed up! (This was just a few).
The girls were not excited!
Story and Cadence showed off their big sandwiches from their Lunchable.
But, the big girls just couldn't get past all the geese, they ended up in the van.
Cadence stuck it out on the picnic table, but she kept an eye on the geese.
Daddy joined her on the table. LOVE that little hand on his leg!
We ventured down to the water. Cadence and Story had a good time hitting the water with their sticks.
Daddy and Cadence pondering the troubles of the world. There's that hand on the leg again--so sweet!
We eventually ventured over to the playground.
This picture of Story on the balance beam really shows how the prednisone has changed her looks.
As you can tell by looking at Miss Lyric's face, it was HOT! We decided to head home.
But first, the girls wanted to pose in the cutouts. Okay, we'll take a quick picture before we go.
Except Story decided to pose in all of the cutouts...
a koala,
and then an owl,
and then a lobster,
and finally a possum.
A hot, but fun day!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Cadence decided to turn herself into a monster tonight. She found this box in the garage. Then she got a butter knife from the kitchen and attempted to cut holes in it.
We quickly retrieved the knife! (We let our children play with beer boxes, but not knives;-)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lyric and Cadence put on a show this afternoon. Lyric played mandolin while Cadence danced.
A bow at the end!

Muffin Tin Tuesday

It has been a LONG time since we have had a muffin tin around here. We decided to have one today. I asked the girls to pick up the toys in the living room floor so they would have a place to sit while they ate it... apparently I need to work on the difference between picking up and scooting stuff out of the way=-)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Fun

The girls and I discovered a new website Activity TV. It is full of instructional videos on a ton of different topics. The girls have done Yoga, learned to make a paper airplane and Story watched a video on how to make soft pretzels. We made them on Saturday. She worked hard kneading the dough.
She took break from kneading for a cute little pose!
I didn't get a picture of the finished product, but they were GOOD!
Sisters were too busy playing in the hose to help.
They filled up the chair to take a 'bath.'
Later in the afternoon there was a wasp in the house, so big sister had to protect everyone while Daddy took care of it.
We didn't do anything too exciting, but a typical day at home means a lot these days!