Monday, February 1, 2010

Conversation Heart Graphing

We don't do a lot of "schooly" things around here, but when I saw this activity I thought the girls would enjoy it.
We colored the hearts.
When I say 'we' I do mean we. Cadence wasn't really in a coloring mood, so she had me do most of hers.
We then laid out the hearts.
After laying out the hearts we moved them to the graph. Lyric does this all the time with her M&Ms without the paper graph.
Cadence got bored in the middle of it and started watching a squirrel.
She then took over the camera and tried to take a picture of it... she missed.
Of course, we ate lots of the candy!

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J. Nalley said...

We charted fruit loops recently and it was way fun! Mostly becasue we don't eat fruit loops often!