Sunday, April 18, 2010

Discovery Center-FUN

Murfreesboro's Discovery Center was having a free family night this week. We hadn't been yet, so we decided to check it out. It was the coolest place! We definitely plan to go back.
Lyric loved watching the turtles swim around.
Lyric and Story tried out the fireman outfits and played in the firetruck.
They also made some rubbings. Lyric did a turkey with footprints and Story did a squirrel.
Story loved this crane! She spent a lot of time working.
Cadence liked it, too!
Story's legs didn't reach the pedals, but she enjoyed riding this Penny-Farthing (aka-bicycle with the huge wheel).
They worked a little with the digger.
Story, the little problem solver, had a pretty big pattern going with the gears.
It even worked!
Cadence and Lyric got to pet the snake.
The big girls LOVED the slide, but Cadence wouldn't do it without mama.
Lyric found a giraffe to take a ride on.
Cadence spent some time in the kitchen. She was yelling at me, "I eating right now!"
She checked out the birds.
Lyric and Cadence spent some time being mechanics.
They were very intrigued with this simple machine.
They had to turn a wheel and push on some levers to keep the ball moving.
I wanted to get all three girls in the tree house, but I had to settle with just two.
Cadence did a little laundry.
After we played inside we decided to walk around outside. They have a beautiful trail along a spring. The trees are so much taller than what we had in Texas.
The girls were all too happy to pose.
We saw this cool bird, not sure what he was.
This place is only about 20 miles from our house, so I am sure we will be back!

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