Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fun at the Park

Story's counts were up, so we decided to head to the park today. She hasn't done anything since she has gotten out of the hospital, so we figured a day at the park would do her some good! They played thumb wars on the way.
Which quickly turned into slap my sisters hand.
Cadence was just being Cadence.
We got to the park with our picnic and every duck and goose on the lake showed up! (This was just a few).
The girls were not excited!
Story and Cadence showed off their big sandwiches from their Lunchable.
But, the big girls just couldn't get past all the geese, they ended up in the van.
Cadence stuck it out on the picnic table, but she kept an eye on the geese.
Daddy joined her on the table. LOVE that little hand on his leg!
We ventured down to the water. Cadence and Story had a good time hitting the water with their sticks.
Daddy and Cadence pondering the troubles of the world. There's that hand on the leg again--so sweet!
We eventually ventured over to the playground.
This picture of Story on the balance beam really shows how the prednisone has changed her looks.
As you can tell by looking at Miss Lyric's face, it was HOT! We decided to head home.
But first, the girls wanted to pose in the cutouts. Okay, we'll take a quick picture before we go.
Except Story decided to pose in all of the cutouts...
a koala,
and then an owl,
and then a lobster,
and finally a possum.
A hot, but fun day!

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