Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Reading

I really like the way the library did the Summer Reading Program this year.  Last year, the kids had to read so many books or so many hours.  The girls participated, but we read so much around here it wasn't really anything different except for the fact that I had to try to keep track of how much they were reading.
This year, the library had 15 activities you could complete.  You had to complete at least five.  A few of the activities were to read for two hours, but there were others too.  Some were to attend the activities at the library, read a book online and one was to complete a recipe or craft from a book.
The girls checked out a craft book that had the idea for these little stuffed animals.  We finally finished them today.  They turned out really cute!
To participate in the program you had to complete 5 activities, but the girls completed all 15 because Lyric really wanted to win the grand prize- a trip to Dollywood;-)
I participated in the adult program.  Which also had different activities.  I found out our library has a service called Freegal where you can download five free songs a week!  Free music--awesome!

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