Friday, April 19, 2013

Random Pictures From My Phone March 25- April 19

These pictures are from the last few weeks on my phone.
The girls and I went to IHOP while we were out shopping for Devon's birthday.  They had never been to IHOP before!?!?  I was shocked!

 Grammy sent Subway gift cards for Easter, so we went there for dinner one night.  Yum!

 Caba and KK sent new swimsuits for Easter.

 Poor little sick girl.
 We sewed reusable wipes for the baby.
 The girls were in a posing mood this day!

 They LOVE this cat at the midwife's!

 They had a great time riding their bikes while we were camping.
 Cadence helped with setting up the tent.
 We hit up Sonic Happy Hour- three drinks and an ice cream cone for about four bucks- can't beat that!

 Story and I did a little sewing.
 Cadence and Story were peeling boiled eggs and had to have their aprons:-)
 The baby had the hiccups today and I called the girls in to feel.  Lyric felt it first and her eyes lit up, then Story felt it and her eyes lit up.  Cadence didn't feel it, so the girls moved their hands, so she would be the only one on it.  The baby hiccuped about 4 or 5 more times and I kept asking Cadence if she felt it.  She just shook her head no and then asked, "Can we go play now?"  I guess she wasn't too interested in feeling.

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