Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vitamin D?

Yesterday at Story's three year checkup the doctor said she was Vitamin D deficient.  He prescribed her some, but on the way home we talked about other ways to get it.  Lyric knew it came from the sun, but its freezing, so she isn't going to be spending much time outside.  We talked about how rice milk and soy milk are both fortified with it and we needed to see which one had more and that is the one she would try to drink most of the time.  We buy both- the girls and I like rice and Devon likes soy.  I told her we needed to do some research to see what foods its in.
This afternoon I made us smoothies.  When I gave it to her.  She said, "Does this have Vitamin D in it?"  That's my little Story Bell!  I'm going to be getting that question every time I give her food.

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