Monday, October 12, 2009

Baby Z Comes to Visit

Aunt Kristin had something to do this afternoon, so Baby Z came over for a visit. We played outside for a while and then went for a walk. After our walk, we were going to go in the house, but Zayden wasn't having it. That boy LOVES to be outside!
He sat in the John Deere for a long time and then the girls decided to give him a ride.
Lyric drove him first.
I'm not sure what he was telling me here, but he was sure happy!
He and Story were much more serious on their ride.
Cadence had a great time on her turn, but Mister Z seemed a bit worried about her driving abilities!
In this shot I think he is saying, "You do realize she is only six months older than me, should she really be driving this thing?"
As usual we had a great time babysitting!

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