Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September In Pictures

Can you believe what a horrible blogger I have been? I had 26 posts in August and this is only my sixth post for September! Sorry! It has been a pretty crazy month. We started off the month at the Rethinking Education Conference (which was GREAT!) in Dallas. Shortly after returning from Dallas we decided to move to Nashville. We have been putting a lot of energy into trying to figure out how to make that work. I will try to be a better blogger in October. For now let's get to September:
Rethinking Education:
We attended our first Unschooling Conference. I can so see this being a yearly event! We had a great time! I only took a handful of pictures, here is what I got:
They had one room dedicated to dress up. There were TONS of costumes in there! Lyric and Cadence both decided to try out these dinosaur costumes. They even wore them around the hotel and up to our room:-)
We spent lots of time in the dress up room. Cadence found a cool belt.
Lyric dressed as Belle. LOVE the wig! I think we all had a turn with that thing.
and that is why she has short hair, my friend:-)
This really was her idea. I have no idea why she looks so sad!
Story was NOT in the mood for pictures, so any shot you see of here was totally taken without permission. Shh, don't tell her.
Cadence found this awesome fireman's jacket. They couldn't find a fireman's hat, so they improvised. Hey, it's red.
Another cool hat!
Not real sure what she was being here?
Cadence found some house shoes that she fell in love with! She even wore them to supper!
The girls found a hill behind the hotel to run down. We had a picnic pizza supper out there one night.
We did some swimming . This day Cadence REFUSED to take her floaty off! We had to carry her up to the room (not easy to do in that floaty) and then she had a bath with it on.
While at the conference Baby Cadence celebrated her second birthday. Grammy brought cupcakes and her new tricycle.
Of course, she had to try it out in the hallway.
She decided pushing was easier than riding.
Cupcakes, YUM!
We had an amazing time at the conference! I wish I had taken more pictures, maybe next year.
Some of the other fun things we did this month:
the girls played dress up,
Story Bell learned to sew with the machine,
the girls found a couple of new places to play,
(they discovered their drawers would make nice little beds, but apparently the drawers aren't made to hold that much weight... Daddy will be making a trip to Home Depot and they won't be doing this again)
we found a little frog,
(we kept for a couple of hours, gave him a rubber ducky for a friend, tried to feed him a grasshopper and then set him free)
Baby Cadence thought she could go pantless.
the girls and I were going out somewhere, probably Target. They went out to wait for me. When I came out I saw Cadence had no pants on and when I asked her were her pants were she just looked at me like I was crazy.
That's pretty much September in a nutshell. I will do better in October, promise!


jessica said...

i loved catching up on your blog! you are an awesome mommy! :) what fun activities! sounds like your conference was wonderful! i can't wait to hear the updates on your nashville move! what an amazing adventure!

Anonymous said...

You take photos of your naked girls and I can see you paint their toenails too. You show them up like sluts. Why do you post so many naked pictures and why do you let them run around naked all the time?