Friday, January 22, 2010

New Park

Daddy took Cadence and Lyric took the park this week while Story was sick. They stumbled onto a park that we had never been to. Boy have we been missing out! Story was feeling better today, so we decided to all go.
There were lots of things for the Little Monkey Girl to climb on.
Lyric was feeling especially photogenic today, so I got lots of posing out of her. Can someone please explain to me why I haven't taken this shirt out of her closet? It is way too small, but she LOVES it and always wants to wear it.
"Mama, take one of me at the bottom of the slide."
"Here Mama, take another one!"
They have this cool spinny thing. All three of the girls took a turn, but they didn't go too fast.
Once Monkey Girl got them off she could go as fast as she wanted!
They have a rocket thingy that bounces around.
"Mama, get my picture on the rocket thingy!" (I am going to get that shirt out of the closet right now--don't you think she can feel her belly hanging out?)
They have a really cool firetruck and
a cool school bus.
The girls really liked the baby swings. I think maybe they were also for the handicap?
The play scape had all kinds of fun stuff on it. Cadence had a restaurant, "Can I take you order Ma'am?"
Daddy and Lyric had a nice conversation on the telephone.
They discovered Monkey Bars on the bottom of the stairs.
And then it all went downhill! Lyric did something to upset Story and she had a MAJOR breakdown! She climbed on top of he play scape and refused to come down.
We eventually got her down and home. I think an hour at the park was just too much too soon!
Can't wait for this sickness to be gone!


J. Nalley said...

hmmmm where are you?

jessica said...

ahhh! we love that park! haven't been there in awhile! beautiful pics of your girls! they are all getting so big!