Friday, December 3, 2010

Cadence and Story Skype

Last night Story was on Skype with Daddy.  He had to leave the room for something and Cadence walked in.  Her conversation with Story was so cute!
Cadence: Hi, Story.
Cadence: I love you, Story.
Cadence: Are you not hooked to your polee? (She couldn't see the IV pole)
Story: I am.
Cadence: Are you ready to come home, Story?
Story: Well, Cadence, I am ready to come home, but the doctors aren't ready for me to come home yet.
Cadence: Story, can you help me send you a picture? (They recently learned how to chat on Skype.)
Story: tried to explain what she needed to click on to send a picture.
Daddy came into the room to help.
Cadence sent Story two clocks.
They all chatted a little and then Cadence sent two more pictures to Story.
Cadence: Story I sent you two cupcakes. (They were actually two mugs of beer.)
Cadence then showed Story the ornaments that she painted.  One of them was Rudolph the Snowman.

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