Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Felling Better and Having Fun In the Hospital

Story Bell was feeling better today.  This morning the doctors diagnosed her with GVHD.  They started her on steroids and said the throwing up should stop soon.  Aunt Becky sent her the cutest tea set ever!  She had a tea party with Mimi J today.
 They had apple juice and Teddy Grahams.
 They took time out to pose.
 Baby Jamie joined them.
 And Brown Bear was there too.
 Story ate part of a Teddy Graham.  The first food she has had in about five weeks.
 She drank her apple juice.
 Nurse Jessica joined us for some tea.
 Dr. Frangoul came by and had some tea too.
 After the tea party, Story and Mimi J had to get their surgeon gear on and play a little operation.
 Even surgeons can take a break for a picture.
She did throw up a few times today, but she was feeling much better!

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