Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cadence the Only Child

What did Cadence do while sisters were in Texas?
She went to a gig at Dave and Buster's to watch Daddy play

She had Daddy all to herself in the afternoons while Mommy was working.

She went to the library and threw pennies in the fountain.

She had a snack outside the library while waiting for Daddy to pick us up.

She did some birdwatching.

She went to members night at the zoo and had a great time with the goats!

Daddy set up a house for her.
Cadence really liked her sisters being gone.  She didn't want to talk to them on the phone and she didn't want them to come back at the end of their visit:-(.  But, she did have a HUGE smile on her face when we picked them up from the airport.

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