Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thompson Station Civil War Reenactment

Mimi J was visiting this weekend and we had some beautiful weather, so we decided to go to Thompson Station's Civil War reenactment.  The girls screamed every time they fired the cannons, but we still had a good time.
 They were all excited to meet President Lincoln and his wife.

 We visited the soldiers' camp and watched them do some cooking.
 We even posed with a friendly soldier.
 The girls did a little dancing.
 We had fun petting the Calvary's horses.
 They had guns and weapons set out to look at and hold.  The girls all posed with a gun.  It was heavy!

 Cadence and Story wanted to pose on the railroad tracks:-)
 They didn't mind the cannon when it wasn't being fired!
 Mimi J bought Story a doll made to look from the time period.  She named her dolly.

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