Sunday, March 10, 2013

Two Rivers Park

Today we decided to make a picnic and head to Two Rivers Park.  It was supposed to be pretty warm today, but it was really windy and pretty chilly.  I wore my jacket, but as you can see two of my children opted for shorts and the other wore flip flops with her jeans and jacket:-)
Devon and I wanted to hike, but Story insisted we go somewhere with a playground.  We had our picnic and then set out on our hike to the bridge.
Lyric found an acorn shortly after we hit the trail and she wanted it to be in every picture.

 'Take one of me and Story...'
 'Now one of us and my acorn.'
We have been to this park a few times, but today was the first time we hiked to the bridge.

 'Now one with my acorn.'

 Once we crossed the bridge all three girls decided they wanted to pose for a picture on this brick wall.
 Story wanted to take this picture, but I'm not sure what look she was going for.
 A picture wouldn't be complete without Mr Acorn.

 'Okay, now one more with my acorn.'
 We watched these ducks mate (at least that is what Devon said they were doing.)
 Cadence decided to take a rest while everyone watched the ducks.

 Lyric discovered that her acorn had fallen out of her pocket right after this picture.  Luckily, Story quickly found her another one before she could get too upset!

 After our little hike to the bridge, we played at the two playgrounds they have.

 Story asked Lyric to put her on this contraption.
 Lyric put her up there and gave her a really, really
 big push!
 She wasn't too happy about it!
 Lyric's turn.

 Story wasn't too upset to trust her to put her up again.

We all had a great time!

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