Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hummingbird Festival

Devon worked late last night, so I took the girls to the nature center this morning.  They were having a hummingbird festival.
We learned so much!  The girls saw a puppet show and made some crafts.
The nature center was catching and tagging the hummingbirds, but the girls weren't too interested in waiting for them to catch one.  We headed over to the nature play area.

While they were playing, I noticed they were tagging a hummingbird back up at the nature center.  I really wanted to go see it close up, but Cadence didn't want to stop playing.  Lyric and Story went to check it out while I stayed with Cadence.
We decided to have our snack near one of the feeders hoping a hummingbird would show up.
It didn't, but the girls did have a good time playing in the big chair.

We had a good time and learned lots about hummingbirds!

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