Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Money Making Girl

Tonight I was doing the dishes and Cadence asked me to play with her.  I told her I had to finish the dishes first, but she could sweep the kitchen if she wanted to help out.  She politely declined and left the kitchen.  A few minutes later, Coda was in her bouncy seat and she started to get fussy.  I wear her in the Ergo sometimes when I do the dishes, but I was almost done and didn't really want to stop what I was doing to put her in it.  
 Cadence was playing in the living room, so I asked her to come entertain Coda while I finished.  She hesitated before answering, so I added that I would pay her.  
She walked in the kitchen and asked, "How much?"
I told her I could pay a quarter.  
She sat there a couple of seconds and said, "Will you pay 2?"  
I agreed.
She did a great job.  She sang "I'm a Little Tea Pot" and then she made up songs about shapes.  I have four sides the same length.  What am I?...Square, I have two long sides and two short sides.  What am I?...Rectangle, and songs about triangle, hexagon, and octagon.  
I finished the dishes and gave her the two quarters plus a quarter tip (she really deserved more:-)
A few minutes later she came in the room offering to sweep the kitchen for another quarter to have a dollar.  Smart girl, knows $.75 doesn't buy you much these days!

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