Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Cadence

Baby Cadence turns two today. Does that mean I have to stop calling her "Baby" Cadence? She will always be my baby, so I guess it is still okay:-)
24 things about the 24 month old:
1. You LOVE your sisters! When they aren't around you say, "Where's my 'grls'?"
2. You don't like your hands to be dirty! You are always asking for a 'na-kin.'
3. You LOVE to eat sausage for breakfast! If we don't have any you usually just skip breakfast.
4. You are the lover of the bunch. When we hold you, you like to wrap your arm around our neck to hold on--so sweet!
5. You know all of the characters your sisters know- 'Cinrella', 'Aeal', you even spotted 'Ponge Bob' in the store the other day (I don't know how you know that one!)
6. You love to pretend to be a dog. You crawl around and bark. You even hike your leg and pretend to pee(Not real sure where you picked that up, since we don't have a dog).
7. You hate to be covered up when you are sleeping! Not only do you kick the covers off, but you get really angry!
8. You are really thoughtful. If you see someone needs help you are always willing to help.
9. You love to do laundry, help with the dishes and you don't mind picking up.
10. You have quite a little temper! If the girls make you mad or take a toy away from you, you will throw a toy at them.
11. You have an amazing imagination for a two year old. You can pretend with the best of them.
12. You love to cook in your kitchen. You like to put on your apron (usually with nothing else on) and you walk up with a notepad and pencil, "What you want?" If we ask what you have your standard answer is, "Hambuger, fench fies."
13. You LOVE to take a bath! You would literally take 10 a day if we would let you. I think your record is 5.
14. You want a bicycle for your birthday. If we ask you what kind you want you say, "One with wheels."
15. You are very determined! Typical interaction: You- "I do it! I do it" Me-" Cadence, do you need help?" You- "No, I got it."
16. You love to sing.
17. You make the most intense faces.
18. You have the attention span of a four year old, you will sit and watch a movie like Old Yeller, Cinderella, or Nemo- like you understand it.
19. "What that Daddy?" is one of your favorite things to say.
20. You are a great John Deere driver for a two year old.
21. "Lady and Gentlemen" is another one of your favorite things to say.
22. You LOVE band aids and want one for every injury.
23. You are VERY independent!
24. You HATE cats (Gee, wonder why?).
25. You HATE roaches (Gee, wonder why?)- you say, "Kill 'em" with the meanest, angriest look on your face.


J. Nalley said...

I am glad she wants wheels on her bike! Happy Birthday! And yes she is still Baby Cadence! Do you call Lyric baby Lyric? See all my kids are Baby something. Baby sweet, baby cake, baby love - but always my baby!

Sarah said...

Is she up for adoption? I'm in love! Happy Birthday (late)!