Friday, March 11, 2011

Show and Tell

Today we are joining Hunter's Show and Tell Blog Hop at A Bona Fide Life.  The girls were so excited to hear about Hunter hosting Show and Tell!  
Cadence insisted I leave the room while she made her video!
Lyric had a hard time holding Snaily and talking, so she let me hold him for her.
I tried to get Story to say a little more, but her video is short and sweet.
Thank you so much Jones' Family for hosting the blog hop!  We enjoyed participating and can't wait to check out everyones Show and Tell!


Sherry said...

Gerrick wants to know...

Where did you get the snail?

Bona Fide Mama said...

Thanks so much for joining in, Cox Girls!

Cadence, your owl is super cool. Where did you get it?
Thanks for the kisses!

Lyric, Wow! A pet snail. It's pretty cool, Hunter says. If we got a pet snail, what would we need in order to take care of it?

Story, Blueberry is really pretty. You said you were sick when you were two and had to ride an ambulance? What had happened to you?

Christy said...

Cadence got her owl at Build a Bear.
Story says--When I was two I went to the doctor because I was sick. They thought I had pneumonia. My oxygen was low, so I had to ride in an ambulance to the hospital so they could give me oxygen.
Lyric says- We found Snaily in a puddle after a rain storm. He lives in a plant inside our house. Every few days we water the plant and put some food or paper there for him. He is really easy to take care of.