Friday, April 1, 2011

The Month of March

It has been so long since I have made the time to blog!  I would love to say I have a great excuse, but I don't!  Instead of trying to catch up by doing a ton of posts I decided to do one huge post.
 Around the middle of March Story and I made our own laundry detergent and our dish washing detergent too!  I haven't been using coupons and you know I hate to spend money on that kind of stuff, so we made our own.  It is SO much cheaper than buying it and we aren't throwing away containers, so its greener!  I really like the laundry detergent, but I don't love the dish washing.  I think next time I will find a different recipe for it.  There are so many on the internet.
Miss Lyric had a birthday on the 15th.  This is the only picture I took and it was on my phone.  Grammy was here and she took a ton.  I plan to get her to send them to me and do a whole post on Lyric's big day.
They were having a hike for Lyric's age group at Beaman Park.  We decided Devon would take her while the other two girls and I hiked around.  This was our first time at this park. It was beautiful!  
Cadence and Story were too cute hiking around together.

 We spent quite a bit of time at the creek.  We took turns sending leaves down the creek and then we had a pretty extensive conversation on why leaves can't travel upstream.

 Story decided to pose on this little bench.
 Cadence joined her to play horsey.

We hung the camera on a branch to get this shot.  My Sweet Cadence--never looks at the camera:-)
 When Devon and Lyric were done with their hike we all met up for a picnic.  Lyric let Cadence borrow her sunglasses.

 I thought this was going to be a great picture.  Apparently, only one of us was happy to be taking it!
Story attended a painting session at Faithful Strokes in Murfreesboro.  It was for cancer kiddos. 
 Our friend, Hunter didn't want to attend so his sweet sister Ronin was able to go in his place. 
 Story painted "A Sunny Rainbow."  For days after attending this when she would draw a picture she would want to name it because that is what real artists do.
 We went hiking at Montgomery Bell Park.  Lyric was in a posing mood!
 Cadence insisted she be the leader!
More posing.

 I almost got a picture of the three of them, but I wasn't quite quick enough!

 Lyric and Cadence were both leading the way at one point.  When they got close to this log they just stopped.  I didn't really know why until I took a closer look...  See him?  That is not part of the roots.  Mr. Snakey was doing a little sun bathing.  I was really surprised that the girls weren't more scared.  They both just stopped and when Devon an I caught up we all slowly walked around him and let him finish his sunbathing.  We had a really nice hike and seeing a snake added some excitement.
The girls have been on a doughnut kick lately.  We have been making them about once a week.  We just use biscuit dough and cut the center out with a cookie cutter.
This day Cadence was helping.  She chose a flower cookie cutter and a heart.
After cooking, we dip them in powdered sugar.  A real healthy breakfast:-)

Cadence posing with her creation before devouring it!
Sisters enjoyed the final product!

Cadence played some dress up and
enjoyed a movie with Daddy.  Barbie and a Fairy secret came out this month and Cadence LOVES it!
Lyric and Cadence played with the Potato Heads, but they didn't use the potato bodies.
Story was invited to a Spa Day at the Chi Omega House.  Sisters were also welcome to come.  The girls had a great time having their nails and toes painted.

The sorority sisters were all so sweet and welcoming!

They also had LOTS of yummy snacks!
The girl who did Cadence's nails was so cute!  The whole time she talked with Cadence as if she were much older than a three year old.  I couldn't hear if Cadence was answering her, but it was really sweet!

They did some dancing.  I was really surprised to see Lyric dance, she is usually our shy one.

The sorority girls taught Cadence and Story a clapping hand game.

We had a great time!
We celebrated Daddy's birthday on the 30th.  He didn't want to go out, so we just ordered pizza and watched a movie.
The girls made him lots of cards and pictures.
Story made him this little book.
Cadence drew him a picture.
Story made this little owl.  So creative!
Story colored this one of the princesses.
Lyric drew this one of the whole family, including Snaily.
Another one from Lyric.
Story made this bookmark after watching a video on Activity TV, she LOVES that site!
More pictures from Story.  She worked hard:-)
Here is one from Snaily.  If you look closely it says, Happy Bday Love S-not Story.  I think Lyric may have helped him with it.
Daddy's card.
That pretty much sums up our month or at least the things I got a picture of this month.

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Wow!! so many gorgeous photos. funny, that picture of ronin totally looks like me. kinda creepy. :)