Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Marlie's First Visit to the Dog Park

This morning Devon decided to do his run at Shelby park, so we decided to take the girls' bikes and take Marlie to the park afterwards.  They don't have a place to ride their bikes at home, so they were pretty excited to get to ride them!
 Lyric and Story took a break from their bikes to walk down to the water.
 Lyric found a snail.  Luckily, she just looked at him for a while and put him back.  He didn't accompany us home:-)
 After their bike rides we visited the new nature play area.
 Lyric made herself a balance beam.

 Marlie loved being at the park!

 Story Bell did some building too.

 We took Marlie over to the dog park for the first time.  We were all a little worried how she was going to act around the other dogs.  She likes to act like a tough girl sometimes.  We were hoping she wouldn't try to wouldn't bark or jump on the other dogs.
 We were all surprised to see she was scared to death of the other dogs.  She stayed close to us and wanted no part of the other dogs.
 The other dogs kept coming over and trying to get her to play, but she wanted no part of it.

 It was funny how much it felt like having another kid.  When the other dogs would come over we would watch her and think, 'Its okay, go play, go play...'  Just like when the girls are at the park and making new friends.
 She eventually went to play some, but she still tried to stay pretty close to us.
 She had a good time and I see more dog parks in out future.

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