Saturday, April 7, 2012

Egg Hunting at the Zoo

We decided to take the girls to the egg hunt at the zoo today.  There were LOTS of kiddos there!  The zoo staff is very well organized and every event we have ever attended there has always been fun.
 They had the egg hunts separated by age groups and all of the eggs were empty.  So, it didn't matter if you found one or fifty, all the kiddos received a goodie bag for the eggs they found.

 Cadence was excited about the dino-duck in her goodie bag!
 Story out in the crowd.
The girls did get a little bored when it wasn't their turn to hunt, but luckily it didn't last too long.

 Lyric out in the crowd.
After the egg hunting we played some games.

 The day would not have been complete without some time in the jumpy houses!

 The girls worked on the Easter mural before we headed out.
 Story Bell wasn't much into the coloring, so she just ran around in the field.
 When we left the zoo we hit Sonic for ice cream cones and drinks and then headed to Nashville West to a shopping center we go to often.
The girls decided to pose with the guitars while Cadence finished her ice cream.

 After a quick trip to World Market we headed over to the playground.  The girls seem to like these rocks more than the actual playground:-)

Unfortunately, this was not enough egg hunting for Story and she informed us that we would need to be doing more hunting on Easter!

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