Monday, April 30, 2012

Run Daddy Run!

Devon ran his second half marathon with Team in Training this weekend.  We all went down on Friday morning to pickup his packet.
 The girls were excited to pose with Daddy in front of the countdown clock.
 We got up early Saturday morning packed out breakfast, snacks, and sign making stuff.  We waited around mile six.  The girls liked watching the race and giving the runners high five.  Story held a sign that said, 'I'm a survivor.  Thank you Team in Training.'  She brought lots of smile to the TNT runners and many others too!  We had one runner stop and give Story a hug saying she was also a leukemia survivor. 
 Sadly, as I was loading these pictures I realized we didn't get one picture of Devon at the end of the race:-(  It was hot and by the time the girls and I left mile six, parked and made it to the stadium.  They were DONE!  We didn't even make it to the finish line. 
He was having stomach issues and it was HOT, but he finished.  Good job, Dev!

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