Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Story is Taking Ice Skating Lessons

Story started a homeschool ice skating class today.  She was so excited to start!  We went ice skating when we were in Texas in December and she really liked it.
 They showed them the proper way to fall before they ever let them on the ice:-)
 She was really timid at first and wanted to stay near the wall.
 Eventually I think she started having fun, but the fun didn't last.
Before the end of the class the instructor brought her out to me and said she was cold.  When the instructor walked away she burst into tears!  She was screaming that her hands were cold, she was freezing and she was never coming back!  I held her and rubbed her hands trying to warm them, but she just cried and said she was freezing.  
Once we left, I talked to her and told her we could get her some better gloves or she could wear two pair of gloves.  We also agreed her jeans would be warmer than the little thin pants she had on today.  She has agreed to give it another try next week.

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