Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cadence the Little Zoologist

Cadence just finished a six week class at the zoo.  We talked about one of the different five senses in each class.  We also were able to meet two animals each class.
 The first class we discussed hearing.  We met a chinchilla and
 an owl.
 She made this adorable owl mask.
The second class was sight.  We met a spider (which I did not know had eight eyes, but thanks to Diego, Cadence knew) and
 the biggest rabbit we had ever seen!
 She made a cute clay spider.
 She liked playing with the stuffed animals before class started.
 We talked about smell.  We met a skunk and
 a snake.
 She made this skunk hat.
 She loved posing with the lions on our way to the car!
 On the fourth day we talked about taste.  We met a turtle and
 a skink.
 She made a fruit loop necklace that was gone before we were out of the parking lot!  She likes fruit loops and we never buy them at home, so it was a special treat!
 More lion posing...
 The topic for the fifth class was touch.  We met a hedgehog and 
 an armadillo.  I didn't know armadillos could roll into balls like this little guy did.

 They made hats for their dinosaur visit on the last class day.
Cadence gave me a drawing lesson while we were waiting for the last class to start.
her drawing
my drawing
The zoo has a dinosaur exhibit right now.  We have been through it with sisters, but Cadence was excited to go back.

 The class posed with the T-Rex.
 Cadence enjoyed playing paleontologist and digging for bones.

 All the kiddos got a little plastic dinosaur.  We really enjoyed the class!

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