Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The girls decided they wanted to get a guinea pig.  We went to the pet store and priced it.  We decided they would need about $100.00 for the guinea pig and supplies.  So, they started filling a spaghetti jar to save.  I started checking Craigslist thinking we might find a cage.  Surprisingly, someone posted a guinea pig and a cage for $35!  The girls had $36 saved up.
I was a little worried about purchasing it from Craigslist, but when I spoke to the seller I felt okay about it.  She was a grandma who purchased it for her grandchildren, but they didn't up being that interested in it.  When we met with her I told her how the girls had been saving their money and had just enough.  She said they could have it for $30, so they would have a little money left to buy her some hay or something.
Tonight I got these cute shots of Cadence.

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