Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Texas Part 3- More Fun at Mimi J's

Last year when we visited Texas it was freezing, so we went out for hot chocolate.  This year it was about 80 degrees, so we went to the park and went out for frozen yogurt:-)
Uncle Trent took us to a park where he and Zayden like to feed the ducks.  Unfortunately, the lake was pretty much gone and so were the ducks:-(  That's what happens with a Texas drought!

We didn't get to feed the ducks, but they did have a great playground.

I had a pretty good time watching Uncle Trent try too keep up with Zayden making sure he didn't fall off this huge contraption.

Let me just say, I think Zayden had much more fun on this thing than Uncle Trent did:-)
Story Bell loves the monkey bars!

Hanging from her arms wasn't good enough for monkey girl!
Z had a good time on the monkey bars too!

After the park we went out for yogurt.
After a fun day, all four of the munchkins took a dip in Uncle Brandon's tub.  Good times!
Cadence LOVES Liony, thanks Aunt Carolyn!

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