Monday, January 28, 2013

Our New "Schedule" and Kitchen Fun

Today we start our new schedule/guide/plan, whatever you want to call it.  I typed it up and hung it in the kitchen, so the girls would know what we were doing.
* Monday- Make Something Monday- I pinned this pretzel recipe on Pinterest the other day and I thought it would be fun to try.
* Tuesday- Thinking Tuesday (I know it sounds much better-Thinking Thursday, but I go to the midwife on Thursday this week, so I had to switch these two.)  I thought we could set some goals or brainstorm things the girls are interested in.  This way when we go to the library I can suggest books or they might want to start some sort of project that we can work on together.
* Wednesday- Work in Progress Wednesday- I plan to help Lyric update her blog and continue sewing Story's stuffed animal.  Also, if anyone is interested in starting a project we can do that.
* Thursday- Take a trip Thursday- We will spend most of the day going to the midwife.  We are finally going to get to hear the baby's heart beat, so it should be a fun morning!
* Friday- Fresh and Fun Friday- Valentine Craft- Simple Window Design.

So, yesterday I posted the plan for the week.  The girls asked what it was and I explained it.  This morning they were all in their room playing after breakfast and I asked if anyone was interested in making pretzels or if they wanted to wait until later.
Cadence and Story jumped at the idea, but Lyric decided to go outside instead.

We watched a video from the blog and then made the dough.
It had to rise for 30 minutes, so they ran off to play while I did the dishes.

I also went outside to see what Lyric was up to.  She was busy in the mudpie kitchen.
After our dough had risen, the girls came back to the kitchen to make the pretzels.  Lyric decided to join us, too.

The weren't really interested in making traditional pretzel shapes, so we had some pretty interesting looking pretzels!
Lyric was too busy playing Webkinz to try them when they were done, but Cadence and Story thought they were pretty good!

After I cleaned up our pretzel mess Story came back to the kitchen to help me make cornbread for lunch.  She really wants an American Girl doll and  is into anything American Girl.  She checked out an Addy (her favorite) American Girl cookbook from the library and wanted to try the cornbread. 
 Devon made a pot of beans yesterday, so I thought it would make a good lunch.
We had a busy morning in the kitchen!

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