Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pogo Sticking

The girls have been practicing with the pogo stick quite a bit lately.  Today when Story came running in the house saying she hit a new record-90, it made my heart smile.  I don't think I have told the pogo stick story here on the blog before, but if I have-here it is again.
Christmas 2010, right after the transplant, Story REALLY wanted a pogo stick for Christmas!  Devon said, "Absolutely not!"  She still had the tubes sticking out of her chest and he thought it was too risky!  I disagreed and said we should ask the doctor if he thought it was okay.  So, at Story's next clinic appointment we asked her doctor his thoughts.  He said it would be fine, but she needed to have at least 50,000 platelets before she could use it.  At the time of us asking I think she had around 10,000.  Well, that Christmas Grammy bought her a pogo stick.  The big question every time we went to clinic was "How many platelets do I have today?"  Months and months went by without enough platelets, but finally one day we went in she had reached the magic number, 50,000.
She was so excited she could finally try out her pogo stick.  We got home and I held it up for her, she climbed on and quickly discovered she didn't weigh enough to make it bounce.  Poor baby had waited all that time on her platelets, but she was too skinny for it:-(  We laugh about it now, but she was pretty disappointed at the time!
Luckily today we don't have to worry about platelets and she weighs enough to make it bounce!
Enjoy the video, hopefully Lyric's filming doesn't make you too dizzy!

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