Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Itchy Girl

So, the day before yesterday Cadence walked up and said she was itching.  I raised up her shirt and saw a rash on her back.  It wasn't really that bad, just kind of red and splotchy.  We thought she was having some sort of allergic reaction to something outside.  She had been outside playing in the grass, so we just figured that's what it was.  I told her I would buy her some Benadryl on my way home from work.
That night we gave her the Benadryl.  The itching stopped, but the rash didn't go away.  The next day she still had a slight rash and was itching a little, so we gave her more Benadryl.  Devon and I thought about taking her to the doctor, but the Benadryl made the itching stop and the rash was just read and splotchy.  So we thought it would eventually go away.
Well, last night she walked up and said she was itching and this is what I saw...

 I freaked out a little and thought about taking her to the emergency room!  The rash was everywhere and puffy and really itchy!  We gave her more Benadryl and planned to call the doctor first thing this morning.

 This morning it was still there.  On the way to the doctor I tried to think what could be causing it.  I was trying to remember what she had eaten thinking she had all of a sudden started having some food allergy.  
We went to the doctor and the nurse took her temperature and weight.  She asked about her symptoms and I told her it was just the rash.  She told us to head to the examination room and said she was going to follow us in with a strep test.  I thought, "Strep test?--Why?"  But she did the test and sure enough when the doctor came in a few minutes later she said it was positive.
Have you ever heard of strep throat causing a rash?
It was so weird!  Cadence hasn't complained of a sore throat at all just being itchy.
 This puppy I found for 75%off when I was buying her meds made her feel somewhat better!

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