Thursday, May 8, 2014

Transportation Playdate

Today we went downtown with our playgroup and learned about transportation.  We learned about the circuit buses downtown.  Then we rode one to the fountains and played.
 The bus driver gave all the kiddos lollipops.
 This was our first time to play in the fountains.  The girls loved it!

 Coda even got in on the action!
 Lyric made a new friend.  I think she enjoyed hanging out with someone older.  She's usually with kids her age or younger, so it was nice to see her chatting with Jade:-)

 We played in the fountains, had a picnic and rode the circuit bus to the candy store. 
Cadence and Rowan

Lyric and Lilly
 Justin, Lilly and Rowan joined us at the candy store and then we walked down to the river to enjoy our treats.  The girls ate their candy, rolled down the hill and looked out at the river.
Cadence enjoyed her chocolate:-)  After our candy, we walked over and met up with Devon and rode the Ida Clair back to the car.  Two buses in one day!  It was a full, but fun day!

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