Sunday, May 10, 2009

Berry Picking on Mother's Day

We decided to go Strawberry Picking for Mother's Day this year. We knew it was going to be hot, but we figured the closer it gets to summer the hotter it is going to get, so we might as well go now.
The day started off with the girls giving me my Mother's Day gifts. They gave me some beautiful cards and some fun stuff to pamper myself:-) We all got dressed to go to the Berry Farm, but Lyric said there was one more stop we needed to make to get my other present. Hum? We headed to HEB. HEB...hum? Lyric grabbed me some peanuts (but that wasn't the present) and her some Ritz crackers and headed to the checkout. I was standing there waiting for Daddy to pay and the cashier handed me a Buddy Buck. Lyric said I always do all the work at the grocery store and I never get to get a Buddy Buck, so that is what she wanted me to have for Mother's Day--how sweet! I put my Buddy Buck in the machine and got out 2 stickers and one was for 20 points! The girls were really excited! I told Lyric she could have my points to put in her book. She wanted me to have my own book, but I convinced her to take them. We stopped off at Schlotzsky's when we got to Marble Falls. We thought about trying to find a cafe, but decided against it since it was Mother's Day and a Sunday afternoon. The girls all had pizza.
No, Story did not want her picture taken.We headed over to the Berry Farm. It was HOT! Our berry picking didn't last long.Lyric liked to try to find the smallest berries to pick.This was Elmo's first visit to the farm. I think he liked it.Daddy, Story and Cadence stuck together.
I think I counted about 37 berries when we were done:-)It is more about the experience than the outcome... right?
We headed over to see the horses after we finished our picking.
Then we pet the donkeys.
Off to the goats. Don't they look hot? I think it was like a 195 degrees!
We offered to carry Elmo, but Cadence insisted she could carry Elmo, drink her water, and walk to the goats.There are no pictures of the goats because I was too busy holding a screaming Cadence and guarding Lyric and Story from the goats. Feeding the animals is always so much better in theory!
After visiting with all of the animals we had homemade ice cream. YUM!
All of the girls posed for a picture in the ladybug.
Story decided she needed to pose by herself with the ladybug.
I wanted the girls to pose with the strawberry. This is all I could get. Lyric didn't want to and Cadence and Story kept looking for the place to put their head. They didn't really understand that they could just stand next to it for a picture.
Not long after we got in the car Lyric and Story were out!
Cadence had already had a nap, so there was no sleeping for her. She was not in the mood for a picture! Amazing what a few Ritz crackers will do for the attitude.Cheese
Thanks family for a wonderful Mother's Day!

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