Friday, May 29, 2009

"Moo!" Says the Cow

Our playgroup visited the Texas Jersey Cheese Company in La Grange.
We got to see the Blue Bell cow. The kiddos stood watching a group of cows grazing. They got to see a couple of them pee. They thought it was pretty cool to see, but they didn't like the smell too much.They got to feed lots of animals. There were donkeys, goats, bunnies, a sheep, ducks, chickens, pigs and turkey. The goat feeding didn't go very well with the girls, as usual;-) They did like feeding all of the others.We also got the feed a baby calf. The girls really enjoyed that! I helped Story while Lyric took pictures. Story and I had a pretty good hold on the bottle, but the calf managed to get it away from us.We went on a hay ride down to where they do the milking.The girls said the hay ride was their favorite part. Not mine, it was hot!We all got to milk the cow. I was surprised Story tried it. It was right up Lyric's alley. I really wanted to try it, so I talked Cadence into giving it a try. She wasn't real enthusiastic about it. We headed back to the barn for lunch. Baby Cadence and Miss Lyric posed for a picture.
Giddy up, horsey!
Prettiest cow I ever saw!
We had some ice cream, bought our cheese and headed to Grammy's for the weekend.

We visited this farm in November of '06. Baby Cadence wasn't born yet and the girls were so little!

Lyric was the same height as the calf:-)

She didn't even have to squat to milk it!

Story Bell was just toddling around.

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jessica said...

love the pictures . . . and looking back at '06 . . . very cool! looks like you guys had a great time . . .
and holy crow, your girls are so photogenic! so beautiful!